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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 200. 1908. 347 of said appropriation shall be reimbursed to the United States from R°lm°“”°m°¤*· the money received from the sale of the lands embraced in said reservations, respectively. For printing forty-nine thousand nine hundred and thirty copies of ,,,°{f‘,*§ “,,,“‘,,',§{§.if,‘}E a connected map of the United States, showing the routes of the prin- Pl°*°¤· cipal explorers and early roads and highways, compiled in the General Land Office, two thousand five hundred dollars: Provided, That of Qgggghuou said maps thirty-three thousand eight hundred and thirty copies shall ` be delivered to the House of Representatives and sixteen thousand one hundred copies shall be delivered to the Senate. I Amo nuns IN Immo, AND Wromnez That an additional one mil- f{{§§,Q{},‘}§,’{· gum lion acres of arid lands within each of the States of Idaho, and Wyo- w_ Idaho aud ww ming be made available and subject to the terms of section four of an miiihj 23, p_ m_ Act of Congress entitled "‘ An Act making appropriations for sundry *""'· P- ""· civil expenses of the Government for the fisca year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety~five, and for other purposes,” approved August eighteenth, eighteen hundred and ninetyfour, and -by amendments thereto, and that the States of Idaho, an Wyoming be allowed under the rovisionslof said Acts said additional area or so much thereof as may he necessary for the purposes and under the provisions of said Acts. _ SUBVEYING trim runmc LANDS. ¤¤”°Y*¤¤· For surveys and resurveys of public lands, four hundred and twenty- R'*°°°· tive thousand dollars, at rates not exceeding nine dollars per linear mile for standard- and meander lines, seven dollars for township and Eve dollars for section lines: Irovided, That in expending this appro- f,’f§,'Q',Q§,,,, priation preference shall be given, first, in favor of surveying town- ` ships occupied, in whole or in part, by actual settlers and of lands vol 25 676 granted to the States by the Acts approved February twenty-second, vo1Z 26: hb. ziazzz. eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, and the Acts approved July third and July tenth, eighteen hundred and ninety; and, second, to survey- ` ing under such other Acts as provide for land grants to the several States and Territories, except railroad land grants and such indemnity lands as the several States and Territories may be entitled to in lieu of lands granted them for educational and other purposes which may have been sold or included in some reservation or otherwise disposed of, and other surveys shall be confined to lands adapted to agriculture and lines of reservations, and lands within boundaries of forest reservations, except that the Commissioner of the~General Land Oiiioe may ,,g{,?,d'f,'§¤Q_'{f{,{;l’ allow for the survey and resurvey of lands heavily timbered, mountainous, or covered with dense undetrgrowth rates not exceeding thirteen dollars per linearmileforstanda andmeander lines, eleven ollars for township and seven dollars for section lines, and in cases of exceptional difliculties in the surveys, where the work can not be contracted for at these rates, compensation for surveys and resurveys may be allowed by the said Commissioner, with the approval of the Secretary • of the Interior, at rates not exceeding eighteen dollars er linear mile for standard and meander lines, fifteen dollars for township and twelve_ dollars for section lines: Provided fart/aer, That in the States of Cali- ,,,,lj‘“"“*”°‘"‘°'“"· fornia, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and \Vyoming, the Territories of Arizona and New Mexico, and the district of Alaska there may be allowed, in the discretion of the Secretar of the Interior, for the surve and resurvey of lands heavily timbereds, mountainous, or covered with dense under rowth, rates not exceeding twenty-five dollars per linear mile for standard and meander lines, twenty-three dollars for township and twenty dollars for section lines; the provisions of Section tWenty-four hundred and eleven, R-S·.¤•¤-¤411.p.44l. Revised Statutes of the United States, authorizing allowance for surveys in California and Oregon, are hereby extended to all of the