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354 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 200. 1908. mum msgs. For repairs the Moline bridge, connecting Rock Island Arsenal · and the cit of Moline, nine thousand three hundred and fifty dollars.

 SANDY lioox rnovma onourm, Naw Juusmr: For rebm ding and

'` liiepairing soadsdznd vgalks,1 and fpri gzperal repairs of shops, storeouses an qua rs ve thousand o rs; _ _ For honcrete rain-water tank, including necessary pipe connections, and smailllfeed tank with an electric supp y pump, three thousand one hu dre ollars· Eor a steam pipe line, three thousand eight hundred dollars; For rtepéacing thecgvgodleln gantry crane runway with concrete, two thousan ve hund o rs- For Bal pipe linedfrom central power plant to new barracks, seven hundr and fifty ollars· - For purchase and installation of electrical machines and aépparatus for instrpction of student officers, one thousand three hun red and fort dollars- Fdr two bdmb proofs, one thousand dollars; ' In all, seventeen thousand four hundred and ninety dollars. _ de1;¤*¤¤· F- ·'·· 1**- Powmn; nurqr, Némnz Igommdljluyfadsmmurz For increase of transportation aci ities ve thousand o · · For coal trestle sind shed, two thousand dollars; . In all, seven thousand dollars. Ek Sramerrmm Srnmerinnn, Msssscuusmrrsz For general ’ care, repair of quarters, of buildings, and machinery not used for mapaufacturing purposes, and of grounds and roads, ten thousand do rs. - W·¢¤¤¤¤*¤·¥•¤ Warmnrowu ARSENAL, WATERTOWN, MASSA(!HUBE1TSZ For com- _ pleiting fence abomtilthetarsenlal néleservagign, seven thousandddollars; or improving e s eam· ea ng sy m ine an erectin shops, five thousand dollars; · g - In all, twelve thousand dollars. ';~•¤¤¢;;****¤¤· Tnsrmo nncmmzs, Wsr1¤1z·1‘0wN ARSENAL: For the necessary pro- ’P'fessional and skilled labor, purchase of materials, tools, and appliances gn- tglergting the tgstingfmmhinetsgufczr mvestigapve test an tests of ni "ta es ma ria or cons c ions, an or instruments a d materials for operating the chemical laboratory in connection thesecmd w D,. with, and for maintenance of the establishment, thirty-five thousand Wm, 0, com dollars. And the testing machines at the Watertown Arsenal are mem mu mm-. hereby transferred to the l%`e_pnrtment of Commerce and Labor. W•*¢"“¤*·N·Y· nlsmnvraur Angnsslr., h A5ER3’3II·fil', Naw Yom:: For a headrace ou e , one thousand exg t un re dollars· For repairs to walls, two thousand five hundred dollars; For water-closets, one thousand two hundred dollars; _ In all, five thousand five hundred dollars. ggg;·.{’,;_{m"_ Oanssscn nnror, lthmns, Purnrrrirm Isnmvsz For converting a storehouse into a set of officers’ quarters, nine thousand dollars. R¤r··i¤- gmraxgs of- Ansmuiis: For repaz-s apd improvemegts at arsenals an pow er epots, an to meet suc un oreseeu expen itures as accidents or other contingencies during the year may render necessary, including one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for machinery for manufacturing purposes in the arsenals, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. nfu*:,L_**,§f*g¤ •'¤‘ BUILDINGS nm onovims IN Arzo Aaomvp wasumcros. .,,{.‘,‘§"°"°"‘°“° “"° Ee;} improvement and care of public grounds, District of Columbia, as o ows: M For improvement anldduiaintenance of grounds south of Executive ansion, our thousand o lars. For ordinary care of greenhouses and nursery, two thousand dollars. For ordinary care of Lafayette Park, two thousand dollars.