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356 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 200. 1908. according to plans repared in the office of public buildings and ·;f,,gs“é’;;§‘j,{,’ °* grounds, including the acquisition by purchase or condemnation of sq ° squares sixty-three and eighty-nine in the city of Washington, to be expended under the direction of the officer in charge of that office, seventy thousand dollars. ,. _ _ Jurlsdicpori 8;:;; The jurisdiction over that &rtion of B street west of V1rg1n1a avenue, griiiiignga to cam cr now under the control of the mmissioners of the District of Columbia, E“"“°°"· is hereby transferred to the Chief of Engineers, United States Army. R¤•¤w•r ¤v¤r i¤1¤¤ For the additional expense of widening the foundations and super- ‘°°°' structure of the tidal gates over the in et to the tidal reservoir in Potomac Park, to permit the construction of a roadway over it, to be expended under the direction of the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, twenty-tive thousand dollars. For reconstruction of the approaches and walks in J udiciarty Park abutting the court-house building, three thousand five hundred ollars. Helf f¤¤¤ I>i¤¤i¤* One half of the foregoing sums under "Buildings and grounds in r°v°°°°°` and around Washington" shall be paid from the revenues of the Distérict of Columbia and the other half from the Treasury of the United tates. e,,§j*”:,_,*{’,{e;‘,°,],f°’°‘°· Under appropriations herein contained no contract shall be made for ` making or repairing concrete or asphalt ppvements in Washington City at a higher price than one dollar and eig ty-five cents er square yard for a uality equal to the best laid in the District of Coliumbia prior to . July first, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, and with a base of not less than six inches in thickness. Slfgjllg of G¤¤¤¤¤ For unveiling the statue of General Philip H. Sheridan and for lay- ' ing out and improving the grounds aroun the same, four thousand do lars. For improvement, care, and maintenance of grounds of Executive "De rtments, one thousand dollars. lpdr such trees, shrubs, plants, fertilizers, and skilled labor for the grounds of the Library of Congress as may be requested by the supermtendent of the Library building, one thousand dollars. For such trees, shrubs, plants, fertilizers, and skilled labor for the grounds of the Capitol and office building of the House of Representatives as ma be requested by the superintendent of the Capitol building, three thousand dollars. For improvement and maintenance of Executive Mansion grounds (within iron fence), four thousand dollars. For the employment of an engineer by the officer in charge of public buildings and grounds, two thousand four hundred dollars. For purchase and re ir of machinery and tools for shops at nursery, and for the re ir of ::0 and storehouse. one thousand dollars. E*°°¤**'¤¥•¤¤l°¤· ExEcUTWl1MANsroN: Eor ordinary care, repair, and refurnishing of Executive Mansion, and for purchase, maintenance, and driving of horses and vehicles for official purposes, to be ex nded by contract grlptherwise, as the President may determine, thirty-tive thousand o ars. For fuel for the Executive Mansion greenhouses and stable, six · thousand dollars. ' For care and maintenance of greenhouses, Executive Mansion. nine thousand dollars. d ger repairs to greenhouses. Executive Mansion, three thousand o ars. 0,T,j;jgl£{*sgdg;}f¤m¢¤ For traveling expenses of the President of the United_States, to be expended in his discretion and accounted for on his certificate solelv, _ _ twenty-tive thousand dollars. “ x:·‘n§§}_‘},“§,,f*,{°;’1g*,f{{j Lrerrrmo mm Exricmrvrz LIANSION AND PUBLIC GROUNDSI For g:o¤¤¤». gas. pay of lamplighters, gas iitters, and laborers; purchase, erection, and repair of lamps and lamp-posts:. purchase of matches, and repairs