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360 SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 200. 1908. in accordance with the modified project, one hundred and forty-five thousand dollars.I ,,I¤l•¤'* ""°""·V· Improving- inland waterway on coast of Texas: For continuing _ improvement, two hundred and forty-tive thousand dollars. _ Gm" H“"’°’·W“""· Improvin Grays Harbor, Washington: For continuing 1mprovemenétttg hatdrpr apd bar entrance by means of north jetty,` three hundre thousand do lars. ` ““°·¤"““· Improvin harbor at Hilo, Hawaii: For continuing improvement, one hundref thousand dollars. _ _ H°‘°*“‘“-H""‘“· Improving harborbat Honolulu, Hawaii: For continuing improvemen two hundred thousand dollars. · MK¤¤¤¤b¤¤ Ri*¤¤‘» Iniproving Kennebec River, Maine: For continuing improvement °` from the mouth to Gardiner, eighty-six thousand five hundred dollars. Kxenmcky mver. Im roving Kentucky River, Kentucky: For continuinvgpmprovey' inentg»y the construction of Locks and Dams Numbered elve and Thirteen, two hundred and ten thousand dollars. L"‘”‘*"°'·‘~ MM: Improving harbor at Ludington, Michigan: For continuing improve- _ ment, twenty thousand dollars. ’ “‘“’“"'°"*w"‘ Improving harbor at Manitowoc, Wisconsin: For continuing improvement, two hundred and seventy thousand five hundred dollars. “”"‘“”°·°"‘· Improving harbor at Milwaukee Wisconsin: For continuing imrovement and maintenance, including harbor refuge, three hun- _ _ _ dred and ninety-two thousand dollars. ·-

  1. ,,,’“],“°HZ ISK}:,"", Improving Mississippi River from mouth of Ohio River to Minneme ¥’•°¤"- apolis, Minnesota: For continuing improvement of Mississippi River

from the mouth of the Ohio River to and including the mouth of the mm the mmm Missouri River, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. wumnupmmm. For continuing improvement of Mississippi River from the mouth of the Missouri River to Minneapolis, Minnesota, five hundred thousand dollars, of which amount ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may, in the opinion of the Secretary of War, be necessary, may be expended to repair and strengthen the levee heretofore constructed ajlong the évest bank of the Mississippi River between Flint Creek and t e owa iver. ’*°"“°··“*· Improving harbor at Mobile, Alabama: For continuing improvement, one hundred and sixty thousand dollars. m‘§;“,,‘;}’¥“" “" Improving Monongahela River, Pennsylvania: For continuing con- ' atripction of Lock and Dam Numbered I·ive, three hundred thousand o ars. ,,-§{$,‘j§,,f,’,j’f’§,°§_ "“° Improving harbors at New Bedford and Fairhaven, Massachusetts: For continuing im rovement, two hundred thousand dollars. NW H¤***¤·°¤¤¤- Breakwater at N)ew Haven, Connecticut: For continuing construction, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. N°"P°"·R- I- Improving harbor at Newport, Rhode Island: For continuing -improvement, one hundred and twelve thousand one hundred dollars. N;y*\?;Qg°Hf}'bf•’;f°l· Improving New York Harbor, New York: For continuing improvegraph of Ambrose Channel, three hundred and sixty-tive thousand o ars. N°""‘k·V“· Improving harbor at Norfolk, Virginia: For continuing improvement of harbor and approaches, from deep water in Hampton Roads · to the junction of the eastern and southern branches, including removal of slgals at abs igouth of the eastern branch, one hundred and twenty- five thousand dollars. °**l*¤°· "•'· Improving Harbor at Oakland, California: For continuing improve- (mom maint, one_hurgl;ed§nd nigieeity tpousiand dolhars. I "°*’· mproving no iver ow itts ur , enns vania: For continu- Nddzin md dm; ing construction of Lock and Dam N umhered Eight, one hundred and thirty-six thousand dollars. N°·”- For continuing construction of Lock and Dam Numbered Eleven, two hundred thousand dollars.