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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 227. 1908. 497 purchased by the District of Columbia. for site for a municipal almsouse and burial place for indigent dead, six dollars and sixty cents. HEALTH DEPARTMENT! The unexpended balance of the appro ria- g§§l§{}i%§§“c§§_ tion of twenty-five thousand dollars for the fiscal year nineteen hun- tBgl“¤°° *’°¤PP*'°P*'*· dred and seven provided for the enforcement of various laws to prevent si e ' the spread of contagious diseases in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes, is herebyl reappropriated and continued available until June thirtieth, nineteen undred and nine, to meet the objects set forth in the law granting said appropriation, including expenditures for objects of like character necessary for the enforcement of an Act of ',5#’§'§°,Yl§’§l“ °”°" Congress approved May thirteenth, nineteen hundred and eight, to provide forthe registration of all cases of tuberculosis in the District of Columbia, and for other purposes. JUDGMENTS: For payment of the judgments, includin costs, a inst ’“"€"“°“”· the District of Columbia set forth in House Document N%1mbered%ght hundred and eighty, of this session. twenty thousand eight hundred and forty-eight dollars and ninety cents and for additional judgments amounting to ninet —six dollars and ninety-five cents, in all, twenty thousand nine hundred and forty-five dollars and eighty—ve cents, together with a further sum sufficient to pay the interest, at not exceeding four per centum, on said judgments, as provided by law, from the date the same became due until the date of payment. Snrroirr or OONVICTS1 To pay amounts found due by the accountin ¤¤1>P°¤<>*¤>¤*i¤¤· ofiicers of the Treasury on account of the appropriatmn “Support og convicts, District of Co umbia," for the fiscal year nineteen hun red and seven, three thousand three hundred and sixty-eight dollars and sixty- ' five cents. Hosrrni. ron THE INSANE! For additional amount required for H¤¤1>i¤¤¤f¤rI¤¤¤¤¤· support of indigent insane of the District of Columbia in the Government Hos ital for the insane, as provided by law, sixteen thousand five hundred d)ollars. Rnmnnnsnmnwr or PHILADELPHIA, Bammonn AND Wasnmcron m§}gLgl*},¤Q{:;g,‘§;{g{; Rarmzonn CoMrANY: For reimbursement of the Philadelphia, Balti- Iminna ccmpaqs. more and Washington Railroad Company for the cost of maintenance °“'°°"‘°“gB" “"‘ of the Long Bridge from February Twelfth, nineteen hundred and six, to December eighteenth, nineteen hundred and six, six thousand four hundred and eighteen dollars and sixteen cents. _ Rnsnavxrroxs ron UNITED Surns GovEnNmnN·r: For amount ,,§`;§§§fl,Zf"““*‘°“ °‘ required to meet the costs and expenses of condemnation proceedings V I M 7g_ taken pursuant to section twenty-two of the Act of June thirtiet , °‘ "" " nineteen hundred and six, entitled "An Act to increase the limit of cost of certain public buildings, to authorize the purchase of sites for public buildings, to authorize the erection and completion of public buildings, and for other purploses," four hundred and thirty-three S¤‘§;°lL{;*;>,j¤€`f¤**“ dollars, payable wholly from the revenues of the United States. ARIENDMENT OF SECTION TWO, DISTRICT APPROPBIATION ACT, Tcmpomry c¤ppl<>y— risen:. YEAR NINETEEN HUNDRED AND ETGHT: That section two of °°i·Zii ;l°ii.ii§ti°` the District of Columbia appropriation Act, approved March second, nineteen hundred and seven, placing a limitation on expenditures for purposes specified therein of sixty thousand dollars during the fiscal vear nineteen hundred and eight, is hereby amended by increasing Lumzmcmued. said limitation to sixty-six thousand dollars during said fiscal year. Except as otherwise provided, one-half of the foregoing amounts to mgezjlgwm Di¤·¤<>* meet deficiencies in the appropriations on account of the District of ' Columbia shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia . and one—half from any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated.