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SIXTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 322-326. 1909. 1619 T 322.-An Act To correct the naval record of Peter H. Brodie, alias Patrick Meg-h 0I' G . Be it enacted by tbe Senate and onse ofR'F£resentatioes ty the United [Www, N0, Zio`? States of America an Congress assembled, at the Secretary of the ,,;i;2°€{—Ym$,} gmt? Navy be, and he is herebg, authorized and directed to correct the m§,:f,°* *°°°“* °°'· naval record of Peter H. rodie, alias Patrick Torbett, late a sailor ` in the United States Nag, serving on the United States battle ship Qhio, the United States s p Maria Denning, and the Undine, and to issue to said Brodie a discharge from the service of the United States. Approved, March 4, 1909. . 3 .— ‘ . , li t · ..‘.35t’.?¥;..£::.;°;E,;:.:.**.::·:i*·mlm*:£.,E:*..*.3?°* me m·**·=* at M ‘s‘=¢5饰° [Pri e ,N .211. Be it enacted Senate and House ¢JR';presentati·ves ¢y" the United G vt; Zim,] States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the i>.°yrY£e¤m. °y` greastuylbei arid he is hereby, authprriined axnld girectpd to pay to arrett . ra ey ate postmaster a ono eva a out o an money in the Treasury not otherwise approbriated, the sum of foul hundred and forty-two dollars and fourteen cents, to reimburse him fox; money explzn e1d4fo:916;cessax·y clerical assistance. pprove , rc , . cnn. sae.-an an rm the mus: ot Harry c. Rupp. °°°i€¤'7’§2s£i°°' S Be itinacted by the Scenate and Hoang kt; Igeggeserlitgnéegeis of the l;mZted [m":':°`m" tates o merica in ongress ass , t t retary o the m- “’P· 'II_&reasug Ibe, and he is hereby, puahoriszted sndlv directed to pay to hm m` arry . upp uartermaster s c er at att e, ashmgt' on thesum of on? thousanddive hunrdred and fifty-lsix dollars and seventy cents, out o any money in the reasury not otherwise appropriated to reimburse him for household goods destroyed byla fire which consumed the quartermaster’s warehouse at Seattle, Was `ngton, May seventh, nineteen hundred and six, which goods were in the custody of the United States for giiplment cnr a government bill of lading from Seattle, Washington to po ane as ington. Approved, March 4, 1909. lla , . CHA!. 325.-—An Act For the relief of Joseph Schrembs. __ . . . I I n . . Be tt enacted tbe Senate and House of Representatives of the United Pr Y W N° ml States of America m Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the {,°j,§{I’{,*u§_g£;;l*y”¤- Treasprgclple, anti he is lnareby, authorizedhandr directed to reianburse ` ose rem out o any money in the easury not otherwise apprbpriated, the sum of two hundred and sixty-two dollars and twenty cents, which amount was paid by said Schrembs, under protest, to the surveyor oiltlhe port of Granid Rspida anddclpveretg into the Treasury as uty a y assesse an co ecte y said surveyor on four cases of statuary for the use of Saint Mary’s Church Grand Rapids, Michigan, December sixteenth, nmeteen hundred and two. , Approved, March 4, 1909. CHAP. 328.-An Act For the relief of Howard B. Carpenter. M‘f§l'3§{0t?°°°‘ Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofllepveserwatives of the United ["'“‘°· N‘* 2**] States of America in Congress That the Secretary of the Howard n.c.u·pe¤. Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to Eiy, out of '°{;,,,,,,,,m_ any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to oward B.