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EXTRADITION TREATY—SAN MARINO. JANUARY 10, 1906. 197]. Treaty between tbe United States and the R@blic of San 1[arino for ·“‘“"”’ ‘°· 1***- the mutual extradition of criminals. Signed at Rome, January 10, 1.906 • ratification advised by the Senate, April 17, 1908; ratified by — the President, May 7, 1908; ratified by the Rqaublic of San Marim, Februaoy 19, 1906; ratifieations exchanged at Rome, Line 8, 1908; proclaimed, June 12, 1908. BY THE PRESIDENT or run UNITED STATES or Ammmca. A PROCLAMATION. Whereas a Trealtg between the United States of America and the m§{g_?Qi,*}g§,m'j’°”’Y Republic of San ariuo, providing for the mutual extradition of rremnie. ' fugitives from justice, was concluded and signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at Rome, Italy, on the tenth da of January, one thousand nine hundred and six, the.0riginal of which Treaty, being in the English and Italian languages, is word for word as follows: Treaty between the United States of Tmttete mt M Stati Umtt America and t}zeRepu,blico_fSan d’Amer·ica e is Rqmbblica di Marino {lor the Mutual E?vtradi— San Hamm, yer la Reciprocal tion of ugitive Oriminals. Estradizione 1. 1[alfattorz. · The United States of America Gli Stati Uniti d’America. e la °”"""°““”‘“'°°‘· and the Republic of San Marino Repubblica di San Marino avendo , having judged it expedient with a giudicato opportuno in vista della view to the better administration migliore amministrazione della of justice and the prevention of iustizia e della prevenzioue dei crime within their respective ter- delitti dentro i loro rispettivi territories and jurisdictions, that per- ritori e giurisdizioni, che le_persone sons changed with or convicted of processate ocondannate peicrimini the crimes and oliences hereinafter o delitti qui appresso enumerati, enumerated, and being fugitive e sottrattesi cola fuga alla. giustifrom justice, should, un er certain zia, debbano essere sotto certe circircumstances, be reciprocally de- costume reciprocamente conselivered up, have resolved to con- gnate, hanno risoluto di conchiclude a Convention for that ur- udere una Convenzione a questo se and have appointed as tlheir line, ed hanno nominato per loro Rlenipotentiaries: pleni tenziarii: The President of the United Il Piesidente degli Stati Uniti Plenipcvenmnes. States of America, His Excellency, di America, Sua Eccellenza, Henry Henry White, Ambassador Ex- White, Ambasciatore Straordinatraordinary and Plcnipotentiary rio e Ministro Plenipotenziario to the Kingdom of Italy; presso S. M. il Re d’Italia; The Captains-Regent of the Re- ICapitani Reggentila Repubblica. ublic of San Marino, His Excel- di San Marino, il Senatore Gasllmcy, Senator Cavaliere Gaspare pure Finali, Cavaliere dell’Ordine l·`inali, Oavaliere of the Supreme Supreme della S. S. Aununziata, Order of the S. S. Annunziata., etc. etc., etc., Consultore Politico della etc. Political Counsellor of the Re- detta Repubblica, etc., etc.: public of San Marino: _ Who, after having communi- 1 quali, dopo essersi comunicati cated toeach other their respective l’uno all’ altro i loro rispettivi