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SIXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. IH. C11. 208. 1911. 103]. BRINGING noun ORIMZINALS. Actual expenses incurred in bringing home from foreign countries m,}",*¤,gf¤8 h°m° persons charged with crime, seven thousand dollars. nEscU1Ne smrwnncxnn AMERICAN SEAMEN. Expenses which be incurred in the acknowledgment of the mg·1;§é¤¤vi¤z testiservnces of masters an crews of foreign vessels in rescuing American ` siesipien or citizens from shipwreck, four thousand five hundred 0 ars. EXPENSES UNDER THE NEU*rnA1.rrY ACT. To meet the necessary expenses attendant upon the execution of the u_5;1>¤¤;¤¤¤. neuneutrality Act, to be expended under the' direction of the President, R. sirgeé. 291,p.49. pursuant to the requirement of section two hundred and ninety-one of the Revised Statutes, eight thousand dollars. EMEBGENCIES ARISING IN THE DIPLOMATIO AND CONSULAB. sEnv1cE. To enable the President to meet unforeseen emeiggencies arising in iguioremu ewes the diplomatic and consular service, and to exten the commercial °°x?ii°i'Sec.2s1,p.4o. and other interests of the United States, to be expended pursuant to the reéluirement of section two hundred and mnety-one of the Revised tatutes, ninety thousand dollars. ` ALLOWANCE ·ro wmows on HEIBS or DIPLOMATIC ormcnns wno DIE ABROAD. Payment, under the provisions of section seventeen hundred and Ofnlpgyaucc rg liens forty-nine of the Revised Statutes of the United States, to the m$...{°°" Y "‘ widows or heirs at law of diplomatic or consular officers of the United States dying in foreign countries in the discharge of their duties, five thousand dollars. TRANSPOBTING REMAINS or DIPLOMATIC orrwnns, CONSULS, AND " CONSULAR ASSISTANTS ·ro THEIR norms FOR INTERMENT. For defrayinv the expenses of transporting the remains of diplo- B'*¤F*¤¢ '*°'¤• *•> matic and consliilar officers of the United States, including consular mm Momma assistants, who have died or may_ die abroad or in transit, while in the discharge of their official duties, to their former homes in this country for interment, and for the ordinary and necessariy ezipenses of such interment, at their post or at home, five thousan dollars. ‘ INTERNATIONAL BUREAU or wnrorrrs AND MEAsUREs. Contribution to the maintenance of the Intemational Bureau of reglwofgggggggls gg Weights and Measures in_ conformity with the terms of the convention iisssui-es. of 3 ay twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, the same, V°l·2°·l" 71** or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be paid, under the direction ot the Secretary of State, to said bureau on its certificate of apportionment, two thousand eight hundred and ninety-five dollars. INTERNATIONAL BUREAU Fon PUBLICATION or cUs·r0Ms ·rAn1r·Fs. To meet the share of the United States in the annual expense for Incernaggnul CHS- the year ending March thirty-first, nineteen hundred and twelve, of °°{'?§[r§ P, digi"' sustaining the international bureau at Brussels for the translation and publication of customs tariifs, one thousand five hundred dollars;