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SIXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 231. 1911. 1163 f judge, may grant such temporaxy restraining order at any time before auch hearing} and determination of the application for an mterlocutory injunction, ut such temporary restraining order shall remain in force ._ only until the hearing and determination of the a plication for an interlocutory injunction upon notice as aforesaid. 'lphe hearing upon ,§,,'§_°°"°”°° F° h°“‘ · such application for an interlocutory injunction shall be given precedence and shall be in every way expedited and be assigned for a hearing] at the earliest practicable day after the expiration of the mm, _ N, to notice ereinbefore provided for. An appeal may be taken direct to Bupremecdagt. the Supreme Court of the United States from the order granting or denying, after notice and hearing, an interlocutory injunction in such case. ` ‘ Sec. 267. Suits in equity shall not be sustained in any court of ,,.’§,,°‘{§,{'{°"°“ °“ °°“" the United States in an case where a plain, adequate, and complete KS··¤¢<=-We P-181 remedy may be had at lizw. _ Sec. 268. The said courts shall have power to impose and admin- ,e}"gg§,"; 3,;**,% ister all necessary oaths, and to punish, by fine or imprisonment, at contempis. the discretion of the court, contempts of their authority: Provided, i;$.;&,,°Z°°m'°'1M‘ That such power to punish contempts shall not be construed to c°§{$,},_‘;_“°"“' ‘°. extend to any cases except the misbehavior of any person in their presence, or so near thereto as to obstruct the administration of justice, the misbehavior of any of the officers of said courts in their official transactions, and the isobedience or resistance by any such officer, or by any party, juror, witness, or other person to any lawful writ, process, order, rule, decree, or command of the said courts. Sec. 269. All of the said courts shall have power to grant new §f{ nm trials, in cases where there has been a trial by ljury, for reasons for ` which new trials have usually been granted in the courts of law. Sec. 270. The judges of the Supreme Court and of the circuit se§,‘j},'§,$0}° lgggdagg courts of a peals an district courts, United States commissioners, zwdbehnvidr. and the judges and other magistrates of the several States, who are R' S"'°°‘m""138‘ or may be authorized by law to make arrests for offenses against the United States, shall have the like authority to hold to security of the peace and for good behavior, in cases arising under the Constitution and laws of the United States, as may be lawfully exercised by any judge or justice of the peace of the respective States, in cases cognizable before them. Sec. 271. The district courts and the United States commission- ,,,_E“‘g}°'}§,$,{g,§,“§;;; ers shall have power to carry into effect, according to the true intent sun`. and meaning thereof, the award or arbitration or decree of any R‘S""°°'m‘°‘m consul, vice consul, or commercial agent of any foreign nation, made or rendered by virtue of authority conferred on him as such consul, vice consul, or commercial agent, to sit as judge or arbitrator in such differences as may arise between the captains and crews of the vessels belonging to the nation whose interests are committed to his charge, application for the exercise of such power being first made · ` to such court or commissioner, by petition of such consul, vice consul, or commercial agent. And said courts and commissioners mav issue ‘*“*°°*P*°°°”~ all roper remedial process, mesne and final, to carry into full effect sucli award, arbitration, or decree, and to enforce obedience thereto by imprisonment in the jail or other lace of confinement in the district in which the United States may liiwfully imprison any person arrested under the authority of the United States, until such award, arbitration, or decree is complied with, or the parties are otherwise discharged therefrom, by the consent in writing of such consul, vice consul, or commercial agent, or his successor in office, or by the authority of the foreign government appointing such consul, vice consul, or commercial agent: Promkled, }Fn1Jever, That the expenses §`§’;‘,’,‘{g,,, 0, at of the said imprisonment and maintenance of the prisoners, and the nemescost of the proceedings, shall be bome by such foreign government, or by its consul, vice consul, or commercial agent requiring such