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SIXTY—FIRST CONGRESS, Sess. III. Ch. 240, 1911. .1291 The proper accounting officers of the Treasur De artment are T*°¤=!¤'°*- . authorized and directed to examine and state an agcounii of the items b1glfi%d:.0r?mvmaof unavailable funds, as set forth in House Document Numbered Seven hundred and twenty-one, Sixty-first Congress, second session, and to credit the general account of the Treasurer of the United States with the amount thereof: Prmnkled, That the credit herein authorized §f,'gg',j‘;,‘;,n shall be made in such manner as to debit the individual or depositary g` chargeable therewith upon the books of the Treasury Department: Provided further, That u$n the recovery or payment of an part of c°’§g{?§g“°‘ ‘“”"”°“ said unavailable funds, e same shall be deposited in the Treasury ` in such manner as to debit the Treasurer of the United States in his general account and to credit the individual or depositary charged thiigwith upon t§1edb<i)ol§s of the}Tr1;>asury,Department.f » _ · iny unex en e a ance o the a ro `ation o twen -five ?’“'““"°“ “’ thousand dolliars made by the deficienc;PapPi'·1opriation,Act ofyJune iigitiliiaitssuxémlii twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten, fin the commission on 2%. p. m. issuance of stocks and bonds by railroad corporations which shall · . remain unexpended at -the close of the fiscal year nineteen hundred gndsxgen reappropriated for the service of the fiscal year nineteen un an twe ve. - _ _ To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase the necessary Bwkbiudinz mmmaterials for the use of the bookbinder authorized by law, for the rmi gsiapl year nineteen hundred and twelve, two hundred and fifty . 0 ars. To reimburse the Treasurer of the United States for the loss which m,_ occurred in his office on Januaiiy, eleventh, nineteen hundred and eleven, without negligence or fau t on his part, one_ thousand dollars and forty cents. . V connnormo mmnxan mszvimmt. I”‘°'”" '°'°““°· For salaries and expenses of forty revenue agents provided for by *¤°“'·’· °“’· law, and fees and expenses of gaugers, salaries and expenses of storekee rs and storekeeper-gaugers, ninety thousand dollars._ Bibi classifying, indexing, exhibmng, and properly caring for the gy_*;?{;,*;‘::;·w returns of all corporations required by section thirty-eight of an Act tuinsk m entitled "A.n Act to rovide revenue, epuahze duties, and encourage " "" ‘ the industries of the United States, and or other purposes," approved August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine, including} the emp ovment in the District of Columbia of such clerical and other personal services and for rent of such quarters as may be necessarv, five thousand _ dollars: Prmnkled, That any and all such returns shall be open to {;_';’},;j;,0¤ mmm inspection only upon the order of the President, under rules and tion. regulations to bePpre§:r1bed by the Secretary of the Treasury and a roved b the resident. p’]fhe Comirnissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the ,n§f‘P°"”’°‘°°“°°" Secretary of the Treasury, is authorized, out of the appropriation 12 made for the urpose of carrying into effect section thirty-eight of _{g,‘§,};!}¤,,0m_ the tariff act oi)August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine, for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and eleven, and out of the balance of the appropriations for that pu ose for the fiscal Kpars mneteen hundret and ten and nineteen huddled and eleven, w ch balance IS hereby reappro riated and made available for_the Escal year nineteen hundred andp twelve, to employ such add1tional force of mtemal-revenue agents, inspectors, deputy collectors, clerks, laborers, and other assistants as he may deem proper and necessary} to the prompt operation and enforcement of said section thirty-eng t. _ _ _ Refund of sums paid for documentary stamps: The time within s,*;g,°};‘]°),f Qgrgigg which claims may be` resented for refun ng the sums paid for docu- bigaggegfggggé M rnentarv stam s used, on foreign bills of exchange drawn between presenting clgimgfgy July first, eiglgteen hundred and ninety-eight, and June thn·t1eth, '°‘”¤" °‘· nineteen hundred and one, agamst the value of products or merchan-