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354 SIXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cus. 225, 226. 1910. l f d th hall take into consideration the situais)io1Ii§§0eth(d llxdt, pigcdtudsr tparcel of ground and the benefits they ma severally receive from the opening of the said public highway anti, park. _ _ f Apgmpnsnon sm- Sec. 2. That there IS- hereby appropriated out of the revenues od "°"° ‘“·°‘°· the District of Columbia an amount_suffic1ent to pay thehcost; and ¥"’°i’f’°” °f "h°£’°?°°‘”““'E’“ ""°§Z§d£%Z$}§& ".£.'§‘i.Z'i¥ giii. Sli.; ‘ t 0 amoun awar · Repayment aiiitouiiat Itzylildegzpaid to the District of Columbia from the assessments " for benefits and covered into the Treasury to the credit of the revenues of the District of Columbia. _ Approved, May 10, 1910. it CHA . .-— bl'h"Th Gl Nti 1P k"i theR0cky Mig 0. Moimmgisiggh <gIhéiht]e‘;:as::>ndl boundifry lihgfin tliecgltgte <;rMontri1na, and for [Public, No. 171.] 0*·h¢¤' P¤¤'P°$°¤· Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of fhedlznigzld Th Gl ci N°· States A 1 ` Oon ress assembled That the tract o an in e ¤°°°5¢iE§£§g°ik. o(ifMoiiliTuz;a ziiticulsil described liv metes and bounds as follows, Isn vm State pa ,Y . _ ”°°°"“’"°“· to wit: Commencing at a point on the international boundary between the United States and the Dominion of Canada at the middle of the Flathead River; thence following southerly along and with the middle of the Flathead River to its conilulence wgh b;1l;§.l\giddl1e1`1;ig·(§ 0% th; Flathead River; thence following the nort o said 1 e or of the Flathead River to where it is crossed by the north boundary of th ·` ht of wa of the Great Northern Railr0ad· thence followin the saigdlhgight of ga to where it intersects the west boundary og the Blackfeet Indian heservatipn thence northeilly; alorég saidtgest boimdto its intersection wit the internationa oun ury· ence a ong gdid international boundary to the place of beginning, is hereby reserved and withdrawn from settgegngnt, ocpupalncy, or disposal unger the Etws of th United States an e icate an set apart as a pu ic par or leasiire ground for,the benefit and enjoyment of the people of the R<>¤¤$>v¤¤ of ¤‘¢¤· ilnited States under the name of “The Glacier National ar ;" and all °°”°”° persons who shall locate or settle upon or occupy the same, or any part thereof, except as hereinafter provided, shall be considered trespassers z>»m·m»._ and removed therefrom: Pro-vided, That nothing herein contained shall mdgfclil "gm "°° affect an valid existing claim, location, or entry under the land laws of the Uyiiited States or the rights of argyilsuizh §la¥pIant,il§c;tor} or ir nt 1 y mr entryman to the full use an enjoyment o is an : mm e wt ier "‘"l'§“’;' o M That r¥hts of way through the valleys of the North and Middle forks of the lathead Rufr for iteipmkor egectrgp railways maya be aelquired within said (`lacier 'ationa ar un` er in s or procee ings eretofore or hercarfter made or instituted under the laws applicable to the acquisition lpf such rights over or upon the unagpropriated public Reclamation proj- domain of the United States, and that the lnited `tates Reclamation

  • ’°‘“· Service may enter upon and utilize for flowage or other purposes any

area within said park which may be necessary for the development and semaemnny mee- maintenance of a government reclamation project: And pwwided jir- §§f,’{{§f‘“°”°“°°'”°'“` thee-, That no lands within the limits of said rk hereby created belonging to or claimed by any railroad or othzr corporation now having or claiming the right of indemnity selection by virtue of any law or contract whatsoever shall be used as a basis for indemnity selection in any State or Territory whatsoever for any loss sustained by reason of the creation of said lpark. w§gx¤1¤tg»n¤tor pre Sec. 2. That said park sha be under the exclusive control of the °“‘° ‘ Secretary of the Interior, whose duty it shall be, as soon as practicable, to make and publish such rules and regulations not inconsistent