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A 666 SIXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 382. 1910. Hm m°”¥’*· may bglpecgisary shall be expended in the completion of the sill across tt ou . w§,§°,§‘8,;’.F”f,;I;f,';€. Puget Sound—gike Washington waterway: Continuing improvenlzk “ mn. Nm ment by the construction of a dciuble lock, with the necessary accesm.,·· sory works, to be located at "Thp N ar·rows," at the entrance to Salmon Bay, in accordance with the project set forth in House Docucommu- ment Numbered Nme hundred and fty-three, Sixtieth Congress, first session, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars; and the Secretary of War may enter IIJCO a contract or contracts for such material and work as may be necessary to complete said lock and accessory works, to be paid or_as funds may be provided from time to time by law, · not to exceed rn the aggregate two million two hundred and seventy- five thousand dollars, inc uding the amount herein appropriated: mwumbyxim Provided, That before b said work, or making such contract county. t mm or contracts, the Secretary of _ ar shall be satisfied that King County, A_D;°”°“,,,,,e°”_ ° or someother local agency, will do the excavation in the waterway v;'L•g,_’*IL1{g&”*·¤°°= above the lock to the dimensions recommended in said pro`ect, and will also secure the United States from Inability for any cllaims or damages on account of the grant made to James A, Moore or his as- Signs y the Act of Congress approved dune eleventh, nineteen hundred and six, or on account of the lowering of the level of'Lake Washrngton, raising the level of Salmon Bay, or any other alteration of the Img; of any part of said waterway. f¤¤¤*¤¤¤¤¤ Mfr- roving waterway connecting Puget Sound with lak ·U ' 1'...i’vi°..i.i§3.,.l{“°“ Washington: For maintenance of improvement, five ethousualgld o ars. . S¤•¢M¤v¤r»W¤¤· _ Improving Skagit River, Washington: Completing improvement in accordance wrt the report submitted in House Document Numbered El8V€;11 hiéndgegl and egggrtjyi-eight, Sixtieth Congress, second session one un re thousand dollars. w’jQ_*g}*°’¤*¤’* *“'°'· Improving Snohomish River, Washington, in accordance with the report submitted in House Document Numbered Eleven hundred and erght, Srxtieth Congress, second session, twenty-five thousand dollars. h mpi-og·;pglSw1nom1sh Slough, Washmgton: For maintenance, ten t san rs. Hyggpggiger and Igprovirig Slhlillapa River and Harbor, Washington: For main- ' tenance, ani continuing unprovement in accordance with the report submitted in House Document Numbered Five hundred and twenty- four, Sixty-first Congress, second session, and subject to the conditions (iielptive to pogperatgon on gh; Bart of local interests as set forth ` in said ocumen ty thousand dollars. Mggathesd Lake, _ Improving l’oison Bay, Flathead Lake, Montana: Completing poison M,-_ improvement in accordance with the report submitted in House Docuplient Numbereld Six hifnidriefd and forty-five, Sixty-first Congress, secon session, six t ousanc dollars. n5•j*X{__1{[{f¤¤°' °*· Improving Saint Michael Canal, Alaska: Completing improvement in accordance with the report submitted in Senate Document Numborelal Foiurepungrpd and srxteciln, Sixtgéirplt Congress, second session one `un re an orty-t ree thousand dollars. ’ ¤“¤»H¤W·*i- h Irgprgvilpg hugo; sip Hilo, Hawaii: Continuing improvement, two un re thousand dollars. H°¤°‘“l“· H*“'°“· Improving harbor at Honolulu, Hawaii: Continuing improvement and for maintenance, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Hggglgjllui ¤¤'->°*· Improving Kahului Harbor, Hawaii, in accordance with the re ort . . P submitted in House Document Numbered Five hundred and ninety- three, Sixty-first Congress, second session, and subject to the conditpolris set forth in sand document, one hundred and fifty thousand o ars. Swim. P-K- Improving harbor at San Juan, Porto Rico: For maintenance twenty thousand dollars. ’