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SIXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cus. 419421. 1910. 847 exclusive, The franchise hereby gra.nted shall not be construed to be exclusive and shall be subject to all general laws now in force or which may hereafter be enacted respecting railway companies. Sac, 12. This act shall go into e act and be law from and after the Time or taking erdate of its approval by the governor of the Territor of Hawaii, sub- ‘°°°‘ ject, however, to the approval of the Congress of tllie United States. "Approved this twenty-sixth day of April, A. D. 1909. " WALTER F. FREAR, "Governor of the Territory of Hawaii." Smo. 2. That Congress may at any time alter, amend, or repeal “‘°“°"*°"Y· °'°‘ said Act. ` Approved, June 25, 1910. CHAP. 420.-An Act Granting certain public lands to the State of Colorado for {§“§,_25g4% the useof the State Agricultural College, for agriculture, forestry, and otherpurpcsas. , 0. Be it enacted ky the Senate and House of Representatives of t/ae United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Inte- (*;“,§,¥fe},“,g‘},°;,°,,d0 rior is hereby authorized and directed to convey to the State of Colorado, for Sure agricultural for the use and beneiit of the State Agricultural College, at Fort Collins, °°u°°°‘ · Colorado, for experimental, educational, and kindre uses in forestry, agriculture, horticulture, grazing, stock raising, and such other uses included in the work of experiments and instruction at said college, and the experiment station connected therewith, one thousand six hundred acres of vacant, unoccupied, unentered, and nonmineral land, or so much thereof as the state board of agriculture may select and designate, upon the payment therefor of e sum of one dollar and _ twenty·£ve cents per acre. Sec. 2. That said land shall be selected by said state board of agri- S°‘°°“°°· culture from any vacant, unoccupied, and unentered, nonmineral public landin township seven north, ranges seventg, seventy-one, seventy-two, seventy-three, and seventy-four west, of the sixth principal meridian in the county of Larimer, State of Colorado, and the tracts so selected shall not contain less than forty nor more than one hundred and sixty acres each. Approved, June 25, 1910. ‘ cmu. 421.-An Act To authorize the President of the United seam ui make June it, mo. withdrawals of public lands in certain cases. [H- R- ’*'”°·l [Public. No. 808.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United State.; of America in Congress assembled, That the President may, at gubliclunds. with ·any time in his discretion, temporariliy withdraw from settlement, oca- a¤$$li°i»°}r’}re;rae¤E tion, sale, or entry anlykpf the (public ands of the United States includ- {ygnvgfgr gigggggggj ing the District of A ka an reserve the same for water-power sites, ` irrigation, classiiication of lands, or other public puiilposes to be specitied in the orders of withdrawals, and such withdraw s or reservations shall remain in force until revoked by him or by an Act of Congress. _ _ Sec. 2. That all lands withdrawn under the provisions of this Act ¤§`{}§‘.{f‘“ 'lgl"' °°°' shall at all times be open to exploration, discovery, occupation, and Exception purchase, under the mining laws of the United States, so far as the same a ly to minerals other than coal, oil, gas, and phosphates: Pro- f,’{@, wm me vided, [That the rights of any person who, at the date of any order of oil orgucmmauw. withdrawal heretofore or hereafter made, is a bona fide occupant or claimant of oil or gas bearing lands, and who, at such date, is in dilient prosecution o work leading-to discovery of oil or gas, shall not ge aliected or impaired bi such order, so long as such occupant or claimant shall continue in 'ligeniuprosecution of said work: And pro- °,§§;§' °* Pm aided jitrt/ser, That this Act sh not be construed as a recognition,