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884 SIXTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. II. RES. 39-41. 1910. ,§,f*’°“‘“*“'°‘““°" rado River, and the President is authorized to expend any portion of such money within the limits of the Republic of Mexico as he may . deem proper in accordance with such agreements for the purpose as he may make with the Republic of Mexico. Approved, June 25, 1910. J n 25,1910. N i . ° r¤`?·i¤e ml sexienclzyfgnla¢il0i·ldlumR:St)lli1i|·:;fli;fa?Ill.ii1ilb:diSl1l=i)t(las(S0tlalti,1ctlescd.1t1lltaerlgelw0 h“°°'°d "“d [rub. nes., Nc. 44.3 · Resolved by the Senate and House of R tallves lb U led $‘§’{°1§gf°‘i,_ my States of _America in Congress aseernbledfzgfflblhetz the wogis ‘?iiv•;?/per •¤¤•=¤¤¤¤· centum" in the last proviso of chapter two hundred and seventy-one ogavggnénég thetyktgre tof the United, Stat}? Sgatutesl alt: Large be c n rea eny rcenum sotattesaicate h

  • so changed shall read as fcgllowsz , P r W Bu
 ""“"'°¥' "That the Secretary of the Interior may, in his discretion, cause to

be made, as he maly deem wise under the rectan ular system now r0· v1ded by law, suc resurveys or retracements 0% the surveys of p1B>lic lands as, after fullunvestiglation, he may deem essential to properl mark_the boundaries of the public lands remainin undisposed og IT '“”‘”m‘. mama Bwvqded. ffhat no such resurvey or retracement shall be so executed

  • ”;’**'°"~ t I 1* as to impair the bona lide rights or claims of any claimant, entryman,

m.*:,g$g*wPg!’;mQj or owner of lands affected by such resurvey or retracement: Provided fm·ther,_Tl1at not to exceed twenty per centum of the total annual appropriation for Surveys and resurveys of the public lands shall be used for the resurveys and retracements authorized bereby.” Approved, June 25, 1910. · 4 June 25 1910. .

 _ [N.41. J tResolti F ‘ ·· · ·
 mm?. of<;=lmplb1;er‘sliab\ilii);mdrw:l;£i)11udhlhc¢Iidul);le(dlS:1til1>1:?1Ou “° ""°““”“‘“ *"°

Resolved by the Senate and House of Rentaf tb ' .,,ll"‘$l,‘§fi.l'£¤1lZ`Li.lllZ States of America in Uoagreaa assembleipl, @:8a coxxlilieilsgén tfcgxiteg 1>¢gé%;{;>;·_i0&°§zg5l_ is heretlgi, greehtedbwngstingfofbtwge members of the Senate, to be ven new .apom y eresienote { dt ll)ouse of Itezpresentatives, to be appgiitzllmliy til; SDpbl:]kti>(i·rlh(l>mB together W1 two persons to be se ected by the President of the; United States, for the purpose of making a thorough investigation of the subgect of employer’s iability and workman’s compensation said ¤¤P°¤~ commission to submit a report through the President to the Congress of the United States not later than the first Monday in December nineteen lligpcgaeglpndd elezen; and any vacancy occurring on said com; missions e in thesame mannera th ` l ' E‘P°’“· °‘°· cr;`*<;€c:r1réya<:1z3:1§;1i;p(;11;;;we og this resolutlo};1(l:l(i•;l§diiilmiisISi)<i)1inliizli·{•;ll>§i _ employ persons w o are familiar with the sub]ect and take such oth t mm dm Gxitminimon in the matteler s eps as are necessary to make a thorough ””¤°'* °¤¤· n submitting its report the comm` h ll i _ such legislation as to the `commissioiligdlnis zdxiilstdcblbluendw Congress Appropriation lor Bx · - , ,,,,e,w, penses of said commission, together with compensation to be fixed_by the President for the two members of the commission to be apipointed by the President, for all time in which Said commission s ll actually engaged in this investigation, shall be paid out of an funads ;’r;ighet’;`re;a.¥s;11rylof the United gtates not otherwise appropriate; on ce ca o e c airman ofsai c ' h ’ from the membership of the commisSig1[i1i?a§<;dn1irllle(l·Elll1ls1ribssgliiplzibbd · and the sum necessary for carryin out the provisions of this re l Z gguzsan. tion is hereby appropmated: Bvviid That th t tal SO u - ed b this Q , e o expense author- IZ y _ reso utipn shall not exceed the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, which shall include the compensation herein authorized.