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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. · 1913. _ 981 mission._ The commission declare and establish reasonable fees to be paid for appliances on the request of the consumers or users, the fee to pa1d we consumer or user at the time of his request, but to be paid by lppblic utihgtiy and repaid to the consumer or user cig tthhe apphance found d ective or incorrect to the disadvan e consumer or user. Par. 2t;&¥hat the commimion may purchase such materials, apps- *l’P"'*“' fer Ml ratus, and standard measuring instruments for such examination and tests as rt may deem necessary. The commission, its agents, experts, ·,,,;*'*:}__¤**¥ W ¤•¤- of exammers, shall have &ower to enter u n any premises occupied by any public utilrty for e purpose of mgng the examinations and tests provided for m this section, and to set up and use on such premises any apparatus and appliances and occupy reasonable space therefor. Par. 24. That every public utility shall file with the commission, ¤¤*···*¤¤•• ¤* ¤¤·

a tirbrip to be  byhthecorpumission, scheduléas, which shall be M" °° hm"'

open u cmspection o rates, , an chargesw ° it

 whichareinlorce atthetimeforanyserviceperformed lHl1t   the District of Columbia, or for any service in connection erewith or performed by any public utility controlled or

plperated by it. The rates, tolls, and charges shown on such schedules aaaasusewgea all not exceed the rates, tolls, and charges now allowed byllaw, and shall bethelawfulratee, tolls, andchargsswithin the `trictof Columbia, and shall remain and be in force until set aside by the commission. Par. 25. That every public utility shall file with and as pgpart of ,,E`°’*°°"‘*‘°°°°”‘ such schedule all rules and rggulations that_m any manner act the rates charged or to be eharg for any service. _ Par. 26. That a copy of so much of said schedules as the commas- n§;"“° °”P“*Y °' sion shall deem necessa1Zlfor the use of the public shall be printed in plain typ? and kept on e in every station and office of such public utility w ere payments are made by the consumers or users open to the public in such form and place as to be readily accessible to the public and so as to be conveniently inspected. _ Par. 27. That where a schedule of `omt rates or charges 1s, or my n?¤*•• °‘ 1** be in force between two or more public utilities, such schedule sh \ in like manner be printed and filed with the commission and so much thereof as the commission shall deem necessary for the pee of the public shall be filedhin every such station or oEce, as provided in the receding ar a . P Par. 28.pThl$.rnld change shall thereafter be made in any gwllodulé. °”""""°‘”°"°‘ including schedules of jomt rates, except ugm ten days' notice to the commission, and all such changes shall plainly indicated axon existing schedules or by filing new schedules in lieu thereof ten ys _ prior to the time the same are to take elfectz frovided, 'l‘hat_the com- Rad} ’°'¤.·»`"it¤.. mission, upon application of any public utility, may prescribe a less time within whic a reduction may be made. _ N Mm 1 be Par. 29. That copies of all new schedules shall be filed,_as herem- BM? =° °' ° before provided, in every station and oitlice of such public utilig where payments are made by consumers or users tenjlays prior to Slime the same are to take eifect, unless the commission shall prescribe a e. . le8ll’dJrln30. 'I'hat it shall be unlawful for any public utility to charge, ,,§‘}‘{',,,f,,,”','f.},‘§,_¥¤,‘§§ demand collect, or receive a greater or less compensation for any ¤¤¤*f¤1- service performed by it within the District of Columbia, or for any service in connection therewith, than is specified in such printed schedules, including schedules of joint rates. as may at the time be in force, or to demand, collect, or receive any roto, toll, or charge not s eciiied in such schedules. The rates, tolls. and charges named therein *’=¤¤=¤·¤~*°' ¤*·•· shall be the lawful rates, tolls, and charges until the same arechanged as provided in this section.