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992 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. III. C11. 150. 1913. Columbia, or for any service in connection therewith whereby any snug; service ehall, by any diegce or snltilgderunvise, bg relngfered orata rate tnam in e esan t sin force as provillsed in this section, or whereby any service or advantage runny. is received other than is in this section specified. Any person, frm, or cogsoration the provkions of paraéiraph shall be deem cfuilty of a ememori and on conviction ereof shall be punnsthmmgy a fine of not less $200 nor more than $1,000 for ¤’··¤*,,g*¤·¤¤¤•¤, P .84.’l'hat officcagentoremployeeofan blicutili telic. im ’ whoa;-hall fail or aztec to fill out ind return any blanylrguas by this section, or shall or refuse to answer any question erein prggounded, cr shall knowmgly or willfully give a also answer to any su question, or shall the enswer to any such question where the fact inquired of is within hu knowledge, or who shall, upon proper demand, fail or refuse to exhibit to the commission or any qcglmissioner, or any person autherized todexgfminteh the lelnme, tinlny a accoun record, or memcran a su u whiiih§sP1:irhis control, or whdighall fail tg. y use an eep sys o accoun ’ r an thereof Lpojlisesciibed by the under Jegtionfoliuiiho shall refuse to do any act or tlnnim connection with such system of accountmg_when so directed y the commission or its authorized representative shall be deemed tiof a misdemeanor, and upon muws on ucmry conviction thereof shall be p y a fine of not less than $200 “‘° "°'°"" °”"‘°"‘* nor more than $tk000$for0(e(ech offense, and a penalty of not less than $500normo an 2 shslgon 'tao be1mposed' the public utilitycfor eacli such o ensecsvllnzili sniiih officer, ageliil, or ennplxgee iglebedience to th°e§irei¢,3tioni;l<ionstinuction, or request u pu'u"tyoran n ocer . w@§{'g{,{:;‘f*¤8 0 Ear. 8§. That if any pugligeutility vizrlgte any provision of . this section, or shall do any act herem prohibited, or shall fail or

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:;$,·sa*·:% SSH ::1°§.·::s“s“$°:t*mr* *0,*..:%: P:.¢*‘z.;*;·.:

requirement or order made byithe conimission, or any iudglnent or {B22? ¥Z?1‘}r$J"I,r°‘£3':u¤s°°“'3uE£°§ut‘§c“£¥€fa€““s.°“.u’ *‘§'.‘2"2" °&‘°" *3 o 81 an “§·gpg${•f._:'{°¥ *°*‘ the District of Columbia the sum of $200 For each such offenslxy In conytruing and enforcing the provisions of this paragraph, the act, ommsnon, or failure of any officer, agent, or other person actmgigor or employed by any public atm ecting withm the scope of employment and mngluctxong s ch mbgverydease be deemed to be the act omission or ure o su ’ f 't . Queenaieim nouns} liar. 86. That any person whl’>ushai:lludest?i·oy, in°ure, or interfere °°""°*""i"""" ° "§‘°}r“”’ “*"*°""“" °'·t‘L°’”““£° §;"i‘°€°°§ °"°’3‘°‘i·*" °‘}i“ fl‘.Z2?° o e commission or 1 agen s t ‘ n;eanor,_and_upon conyiction shall be punisliillicbyigh hott e;ceedin; Emy day of mm 8 00 or imprisonment or a not exceeding thirty days, or both, ,w,,,,,,,,,,,,_,,,,,, Par. 87. That every day dunng which an public utility or my ·=·¤···*· ·¤··=··— g*i¤¤b;%¤g¤¤¤»({>r smribysetlihsrwf. gm failvknowinglfy or ivillfully _o rvean compywr anyor 1- dirt' the mmm-' sion, or to perform any duty enjoined l>y(this sgocticiiii, Shall cocnlbtitute a separate and distmct violation of such order, or direction or of this A mm I secItion,8gs trlhleacasehmay be. ’ “¤ ¥°°°,¤·_ar,_ ._ twenever afterhearm'g d' ° ' Q'L'“gQ,, JZ. vided m this section, the eommission shallmfindutl1fl;;1ga*iity0i·1st.ei, charge, regulation, or practice of any public utility within the District eg Co umza gg b1e or d1t§c8nm1natory, it shall have the power fvguh , an termine 'ded ' ' “”’°"°"°°""""· Yslggl- That every public_uti.lil;m:h:3ll,Prv(sililenevel1I} yascziilgxllt lntten lifwith loss of hfe or personal injury without loss of umm e occurs within the District of Columbia, upon its premises,