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SILTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 150. 1913. 993 or directly or indirectly arisi;g from or connected with its maintenance or operation, give rmm rate notice thereof to the commission. In the event of any such accident, the commission, if it deem the Pub. I¤v¤¤¢l¤ti¤¤ by lrctarterest requires rt, shall cause an investigation to be made forth- °mm¤°°’ wr . Par. 90. 'That the commission shall in uire into ‘ mw ma violation of the laws or regulations in forcg in the Disi:ii°i’>t!i>(fgl(l°<§irri)ri· ’ °°°" °’ bra lg any public utililty dcying blpsiness therein, or by the officers, en , or employees ereo , or an erson o erat° ‘ § any public utrlrty, and shall hayve thieppower, iind duty, to enforce the provisions of this section as well as all other lavyp relating £tp1;1l;lic utilities. ar. 91. ’ t co ration cou:nsel of the District of Co Guponcmn may shall be the general coulirrgsl of the oommimion and shall receiv}§iig ‘° hmm °°“"’°L and be paid out of the appropriations provided and to be provided for the_ expenses of the commission in addition to his compensation Additional compenotherwrse provided b law the sum of $1,000 per annum, ayable in Im"' equal monthly mstallments. It shall be the duty of the general mae. counsel to represent and appear for the commission in aH actions and proceedmgs mvolvrng any question under this section, or under or in reference to any act, order, or proceeding of the commission, and if directed to do so b the commission, to intervene, if possible, in any action or proceerhng in which any such question is involved; to commence and prosecute all actions and proceedings directed or authorized by the commission, and to expedite, in every way ossible, final and just determination of all such actions and proceedings; to advise the commission and each commissioner, when so requested in regard to all matters in connection with the powers and duties of the commimion and of the members thereof, and nerally to perform all duties and services as attomey and counselcto the commission which the commission may reasonably require of him. The D¤¤·¤¤f¤¤*=¢•¤¤ assistants to the corporation counsel shall perform such duties relating to matters arising under this section and all other matters as the corporation counsel ’rnay prescribe. The commission may, if at any d,};r;,¤¤w¤·¤* gydtime it deems necessary, engploy other attorneys at law as additional · assistants to the said gener counsel for the performance of such extraordinary legal servrces for or in behalf of the commission at such special com ensation for such additional assistants as the commission may prescribe, which said compensation shall be paid out of the appropriatrons herein provided an hereafter to be provided for the expenses of the commission. The said corporation counsel and any A¤r>••¤¤¤•*¤¤¤¤¤~ of his assistants designated by him or by the commission shall have the right to appear and prosecute any civil, quasi criminal, or case to recover any penalty, forfeiture, fine, or for the imposition of any punishment rovided for m this section whether instituted b or on hehalf of thie United States of America or by or on behalf 0; the District of Columbia or otherwise, and on every appeal provided by law. The commission may enforce its orders rn any case by d:;""‘°'“""* °' °"' mandamus or other legal omuita le remedy m any court of competent jurisdiction, an it s be the duty_of the_ corporation counsel or his assistants to reprment the commission m every such pro- Par. 92. That the rovisions of this section shall be intetrimreted m';’:,@,,";P°°°"‘ and construed liberally in order to accomplish the dpurposea ereof, and where any specific power or authority rs given e commission by the provisions 0 this section the enumeration thereof not be held to exclude or anypower or authorrtyptlrerwise rn this seetion conferred on said commission. The commission hereilgy created ansraaar perm shall have, in addition to the powers m section spec ed, men- — tioned, and indicated all additional, imphed, and mcrdental power