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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cue. 70-73. 1912. 79 and Chickasaw coal lease, which have been demonstrated to be not valuable for coal, as follows: South half of the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter, southwest quarter of the northwest quarter, south half of the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter, northeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section one, township live north, range eighteen east; embracing one hundred and twent acres, more or less; and to include within the lease in lieu thereof &e follo - "‘“°'“‘ ““ described land, which is within the segregated coal area and iinlezldd: Southwest r2l\:.8l'l»B'l' of the southwest quarter of section thirty, township nano _ , range nineteen east; west half of the northwest quarter of section thirty-one township six north, range nineteen east; embracing one hundred and, twenty acres, more or less. Approved, April 5, 1912. CHAP. 71.-An Act Pmvi for an increase otsalgy ‘ A 1118,1912. marshal tm- the district ot Connegliiiut. of the Umm Sum le wt} [P¤hib,No.11|. Bcit enactad_byt§eSe1iate and House of Representatives“.?fthe United 1 Stake of in Congress assembled, That from and terthe pas- ,,,§‘§{,§°"*j“"‘ sage of this Act the salary of the United States marshal for the district ¤•¤¤¤.’¤ mr 1¤· of Connecticut shall be at the rate of two thousand five hundred ven} za, p. in, dollars a year. . •'°°°°°°· Approved, April 8, 1912. CHAP. 72.-An Act Mahng° approp¤a' tion for repair` , preserva 'on, and exhi- A Wnbititm of the trophy Bags now in store in the Naval Academy, Maryland. c. aus. Bc·itenadedby theSenateandHm4seo R csentativesof the United States of America in Congress assemblefd, That for the purpose of ii>°:?¤ii;¤ia°$`¤ lor repair, preservation, and pre§aration for exhibit of the Bags now 2{°,‘}§L',§‘}°“,,;,7,,‘f,;_°'· stored at the United States aval Academy, Annapolis Maryland, which have been taken in battle, or after battle, by the Navy of the United States of America, or those United States Bags or troghies deemed to be of historic value, the sum of thirty thousand dollars, or as much thereof as may be neceuaxy, be, and is hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise ;ppropri— ated, the same to be immediately available: Promklcd, at the {’x*;j_f°dmn amount so approgriated shall be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the avy. Approved, April 8, 1912. CHAP. 78.—An Act To establish in the Department of Commuce aud Labor *1**** ***12- a bureau to be known as the Chi.ldren's Bureau. · C, 0. Be it enaded by the Senate and Housz<g‘1¥£>resc1itatives‘;>£the Umhd _ Scam of America in Cemgress assemb , at there sh ·be estab- $§‘£%§a°°J."B;, lished m the Department of Commerce and Labor a bureau to be yggggd gh°§°¤· known as the Children’s Bureau. 1>¤¤.p. m. ' Sm. 2. That the said bureau shall be under the direction of a §'§§5,,,,,,,,,, my chief, to be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and mv. consent of the ggnate and who shall receive an annual compensation _ of five thousand dollars. The said bureau shall mvestigate and I¤'¤“¤’*“°“'· report to said department upon all matters pertaimng to the welfare o children and child life among all classes of our people, and shall specially investigate the questions of infant mortality, the rate, orphanage, juvenile courts, desertion, dangerous occupations, accidents and dmeases of children, employment, egnslatnon affecting