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six·rY-s1:c0N1> CONGRESS. sm. 111. cu. uso. 1913. 1001 Pas. 7. That any minor, who falsely represents his agefor the *’¤,_*§gf:¤* °' ¤*· pu of procuring intoxicating li uois shall be deemed t of a we- mummisgemeanor, and be fined for esclll offense not more thangugtz and in default m the pigment of such fine shall be imprisoned in the reformatorymqr wor ouse of said District not exceeding thirt days. — Pan. 8._ at no license under this section shall be for a Y¤•r¤yv¤¤¤¤••. longer pprrod than one year, and the dyear shall begin on the Erst day of ovember and end on the last ay of October following; and ’r¤¤•¤¤~¤¤¤¤·1. noliunseshall betransferredliithelicenseetoanyother rsonor to any other place, exceptmwi the written consent of th: exche board upon a regular app tion therefor in and after notice

  • 1** ham “ ‘:: wrmzifumrgdrd mn ··· °¤¤**::..,,—*P¤;”°·**°c:

or a eense· an ee a or su transfershall be$2,wi1ichshallPbepai'dto%‘ll.`•r’t¢¥oHia)<l)toro taxesof the District before such transfer is made: Provided, That the excise P~••••·d board shall not allow the transfer of the license of antyoperson mm"! “""°' whom there are pending in the courts or before exche ard charges of keeping a dkorderly house or violating the excise laws or the ws agralipst gambling in the District of Columbia. _ Psa. 9. at every person receiving a license to sell liquor under ”*'¤""°‘“""’· thissectionshalltramethesameunderglassandplaoeitiriaconspggous place in his placciof business, so that anyone entering such ma easil su . P Pan. Thit all applicants for liceme and persons holding ,,,,_,“f‘,*{’,,_“""'*""‘ licenses under thk section shall allow anti member of the excne board or the duly authorized inspector of e said full opportunity and every facility to examine, at any time during busmeu hours, the remises where intoxicating liquor is manufactured, sold, or for whicih a license is asked or has been granted; and the same opportunity and facility shall be aiiorded, bt; the licensee or some erson acting in his stead, an member of e_Metropol1tan police llorce, who hm reasonable that the law is ben? vic ated, to enter and examine at all times such licensed places, an no person or persons shall obstruct, hinder, or in any manner molest such mspector pl; officeghprovidetg such Epwpector or officer exhibits a badge showing is su r or o r. _ _ D PAB, um regularl licensed druggrsrs or pharmacists RSE on ssh not be required to o tain under the provisions of this section, §{_Q°,'§Ef’“° "‘°‘“°""" but they shall not sell intoxicating liquors, nor compound, nor mu any composition thereof, nor sell any malt extract, or other plroprietary medicines containing more than two per centum of alco ol, exmt such compounds, compositions, malt_ extracts, or_proprietary m cines be so medicated as to be medicmal preparataons or compounds P Q m mn I, unfit for_ use as beveraies, except upon s written and bona_ fide gag; P gnmsthepltgibltdgi :fd(1l<llumbia, whlgg name shbrliulaz Such prescription shall contain a statement that the _ of the patient required such a prescriptio shall bennmbered m the order of recei , and shall be cancelednby writing on it' the word "canceled" ang the date on which it was presented and filled, and lrept on file in consecutive order, subject to public mgpection at all tunes during busines hours. No auch prescription all more than once. Every t or pharmacist mtoxncatrng liquors ¤·¤¤¤* °• °• *1* as herein provided ep a book provided or the rsuipoee, and shallenterthereinatthetimeofeverysdeauuemco o thedate of the sale the name of the purchaser, who shsll_srgn has name m saidbookasapartof theent1‘;§ hisresidence givmgtheetreetand house number, if there be su ), the kind an quantity and of such liquor, the purpose for which it was sold, and the name o