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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sues. III. -C¤. 150. 1913.- 1005 ment, or any United States internal tax recei t certilica §0r_the sails of liquor eEgx1;’_aforesaidE)sh°:H be prin: £°.%.?.‘§`°.i°o,...¤“‘I-,,?"‘°,...,“ °*&"a° "‘r}"éh’L°'32t?.£!a“°“".h.u‘i?.‘}”° °.{ »·-.··-··n au guilty; the intoxicating liquor so seined shall, after the trial andttiuige or writ of error, if no writ of erroris taken, bedestroysd by thepolice ggp;.rtm]?;t;_g the be found not guilty, the whole shall be rn? 20 ’·i·¤.a2’2t ¤i.“`.¤l"i’.FZ“t“Z"¤°s..,’ "‘° "'°£°2?i2f ‘£° ’$.‘}¤2i"‘“‘ ·~····· ···· ···· ~ , · · _ _ 00 $11 ated I runes person, company, association, club, or corporation, his, its, or L'“'°""="‘·"‘m pngtegits, officplrs, or servants, of manufacturing or { vxioisthwithoutdbmu, or m any_section of the District calm wutlisdiad e man acture and sale 18 prohibited, to prove s e, ery of, or payment for any mtoxnafly Savers, but the evidence of having or keeping them m hand ering to 21-t0barter;ic:xchan§lfg;r sgsods or merchandise, shall be s con ; nor 1 warrant ' information to specify the particular kind of ‘l‘;.,¥-‘1...:..,r¥.'£.‘.i‘ sold, offered for sale, k t for sale, trallicked in bartenedorex erchangse ' forgooélsognfm 50 tilpnglitshaubesuéferimtto warran or orma n e man if for sale, kept for sale, traHicked in, bartered or exchanged fd: goods or Irnercgnindrgeig for kept it deposit?) to sell ortlbialrtertgo Daum f U aa. . , every n wi ` t ,,,,,,m,_,°' Cviumlzin, directly of lghwp or mégnotain, himself or lfy gin :3 associa or com ming o ers, shall manner aid, abeléir assist keepin]; or maintgilning arg clugotllig or other place in which any mtoxicating liqnon-e,_ the s_ e of which without a hcense 1; prohilzitedbby ·tlus_section, is receiigd or kept for the posouse,searterv1ixgwayor erwise °`, oiiuibr (distribution or divisionglamong the’me1;1)bers of any club or association by any means whatever, without first having a license sp to do, or in sections of the District wherein the sale of intoxicating hguor is prohibited, and every }person shall use, sell, barter, pive away, or otherwise furms , distribute, or divide any such iqéiors so received or kept shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and su ject to the penalties prescribed m paragraph twelve of this ·‘”"·’· *°‘* sect° . _ PZ: 22. That any person who shall, in the District of Columbia, ,,’{;*gQ:·;;•;{_,}g in any street or alley, anyéhpplblnc placelh or ir uplpntany strrzzt yum no car,ormoru onan 0 erv ecommo yus or e rauspo_ tion_ of passeggersnlir or_ about any depotinpllatform, or waitmg station, drink any mtoxncating hquor of mil d, or if any person shall be drunk or intoxicated in any street, ey, or public or prijvete road or in UU Passenqgr coach,_ street car, or any public p ace or building, or at any pub c gathering, or if any person shall be drunk or mtomcated and shall disturb e peace of any poison he shall be guilt of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereoi shall he punished, by a fine of not less than $10 nor more than SIQO, or by imprisonment for not less than five_daye nor more than thirty days in the workhouse or jail of the District of Columbia, or by both h fin d ` t. sugar;. Thu;Pl:‘lx`:awance_0f an internal·revenue special tax w§:,§'§_Q·;;{,;'g;; receipt or certificate by the United States to_auy person as a whole- iulipseuqunou sale or retail dealer in distilled liguors or m malt liquors at any "}°&’ "i.H“” ?"°$”’°’i‘?“ °ii°3£“.i"ti; S35? WK PR? S32? §iL“;é.,”2¥ ID ECB 1 (dt aniysotlgeg place of blnlisginegs of such person the District_where such special tax receipt is posted and at the time changed in any rosecution under this section, but such time must be withm the life of such receipt or certificate.