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SIXT1·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. HI. Gus. 150-153. 1913. 1007 That the word "foreign" when used in this section shall be con- ¥¤•¤*¤¢¤¥v¤*¤¤- zu·ued"t¢;v forelign the _District c{;C0lumb:f and the word

in pl: District or ooiumba. °° °° "‘°“** l°°"l _ teach visionofthissectionandev partofeaoh ‘ ‘° 1¤¤· ·¤¤¤¤r¤¤=¤ is hereby deciged to be an independent prblgision, and thiixlililmdipfon F°v|°m%°°l"d` of any provision or provisions or part or parts thereof, to be v0' - meifective, or unconstitutional, for my cause shall not be deemed tx; afect my other provision or part thereof. Approved, March 4, 1913, CHAP. 151.-AnAct'l‘o provide Americanregisthirtlieisamyadltbians Beumeoabyuasma one new t zzrxrmiaam O the vom "’“""°·"°·°‘·' States of America m Oongrus assembled, t the Comiifiissioner of "m¤¤¤»" ¤*••¤¤ Navigatmn be he B hergag, authorized and directed to cause ngimr the steauzgaclit Diana, wrec _ and repaired in the United States, """°" “’· and own by C. Ledyard Blair, a citizen of the United States,

 at Peapack, _New Jersey, to be   as a vessel of the

Um States: Ifromded, That said vesse shall not at my time mm hereafter engage in the· coasting trade, under penalty of forfeiture. B'“'“’°°°‘ Approved, March 4, 1913. CHAP. 152.-An ActA tho ' `the - ¥¤°h*JW*· ators of coal mines in 0klall1oma mlS°cm1m’yacreagecfi$oit]:i°tligtiai1hdl)eaeedr to largregab utzijggl ..j.——-[S` sw'] land of the Choctaw and Cbickasw Nations. · [Public, Ne. m.] Be·ite1w.etedb·yt]ieSe1•ateand House Rgpresentatives the United Suites of Amerika in Congress at the Secrglary of the §,’,§,?,’gg*:,,dC,_,ch_ Interior, imder rules and regulations to be prescribed by him, may nw miranda grant to the operator of any coal mine or mines in the State of Okla- ..i$’€€{,‘.{,°i”,,K{,,”" oma the right to lease additional acreagp from the unleased segregated cqal land of the Choctaw and Chic asaw Nations, in the State of Oklahoma not to exceed, in any case six hundred and forty acres ,,m,"_ of land: Provided, That the land sought to be leased adjoins and is ¤¤¤•»lr¤¤¤¤1M¤·i¤- contiguous to the coal-mininghproperty of the applicant in_ operation: And prozn22ed_furt]•e1·, That the right to lease such additional lmds Mn? •¤ mud shall extend only to coal-mining corporations, mdividual or indi- °’°"‘ ‘ viduels actually operating coal mines in said State in good faith and in only such eases as may be found necessary for the successful administration of such mine: And further, That the lease or momma mi my- leases on such additional coal lmds shall not be puede for a longer " period of time than existing leases of the respective applicants arid shall not be made at a less rate of royalty than the rate of royalty paid on existing leases now in operation in said State of Oklahoma. Approved, March 4, 1913. CHAP. 153.-An Act For the relief of Indians oceupyingrailroad lands in Arizona, New Mexico, or California. Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofltegresentatiiaes of t7»e United States of America in Congress That the Secretary of the §$`,¤¤j¤,_h·f_·;m b Interior be, and he is hereby, authorised m his discretion touieqiimt mais :5 of the present claimant un er any railroad land grant a relinquish- 5,,,,; ment or reconveyance of any lands situated withm the Stat,es_o{ ¤i¤¤·¤¤ Arizona, New Mexico, or California passing under the grant which are shown to have been occupied for ve years or more by an Indian