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H)08 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sues. IH. Cm. 153-156. 1913. entitled to receive the tract in allotment under law but for the grant to the railroad company, and upon theexecutnon and filing of such relin uishment or reconveryance the lands shall thereupon become avail-tdlibflti {gr al:i<;ltgpiep'¥,B:lndtthe company relzpquxshing or v ying _ en ec withm a pernod three years ragctgstlie approval of thi Act and have Ipatented to it other vacant nonmin , nontimbered, surveyed pub c lands of equal area and value srtuated 111 the same §tate, as may be agreed ppon by the Secreum retary of the Interior provrded that the total area land that may be exchanged under provisions of this Actshall not exceed three thousandacresmAnzopa,snxteentho11sandacresmNew1[ex;co, and five thousand acres m Cahforma. Approved, March 4, 1913. giil 15$.—A¤ Act Robert asaiirst lieutuiant in Bc€¢enacwdbyt]•eSenateandHouaa :7wU·i¢ed

cmp-8tagaqfAmericuin0ougrgasa•an:•bl;,d, tthehegentoin the

§“§'*°,,,,,,"F,,‘f,“‘,,g_ United States be, he m to a%•oint Robert cnaaamuy. · Nilauxrlrleiuaiirstheutenantm CoastArtillery ‘o ,United States cy, to talre rank next after_First 0. Edwards, oast Artillery C _ , the sand Robert N. Campbell havingservedforapernod ofe tyears andsxxmonths frocmJune, mneteen hundred two, to December, nmeteen hundred and ten. n¤t•¤kr·r.·*·=— Sec. 2.,That the said Robert N. Campbell shall reee1ve no pa or emolument except from the date_ of his atggointment, but notging m_ this bill shall be construed to increase total authorized commisswned strength of the Army. Approved, March 4, 1913. “{§i‘·,;;;$“ cnn. rea.-as an ra the mus: of crane namsy D•1y. [Public No. M0.] . . . ' Bedeuactedby theSeraateandHoue Rxrreaentativee theUni¢ed élghpmqmy Stages of America in aaaernblg, at the President of the

¤zg United States, m hrs dnscretwn, be, and he is hereby, authorized to

m,,,_ appomt Charles Dudley Daly to the Linde of first lieutenant of Field Artnllery, United States Army, to the rank on the list of first lieu- N mk tenants of Field Artdlery next after the name of Charles P. Hollings- ¤ nv. •¤» worth, and that no back pay or allowances shall accrue as a result of the Ease? of this Act, and there shall be no increase in the total pprtplis Agkoilieers new authonzed by law by reason of the passage Approved, March 4, 1913. "“'“‘*· ""· cnn. se.-an · - . - 4* *;:*.6 ¤.,¤.‘_ v.¤;`y“.£’ é‘}»%“$&.§‘2‘i‘&£?°§¥i1%%t,‘{”¤Z'1'£f'4‘,?..",?““‘“ "‘ Bcitmadedby¢I•eSenateandHm4s R mtati ' arab:. 1:-eamky States of Amerwq in a.ssernJ;le¢d: 'lggzitano d$r°Zfi;l7d lgyilxztxte; ,,,__¤,,_ · heretofore made in iced faith under the public-land laws for lands in _u¤¤ gg_¤;·—};_·;i townshxps four and _ ve south, range fifteen east; townships four and ¤¤¤•’Z¤».A*’pm five south, range sixteen east;_ townships four, Eve, and six south, ¥§¤§¤ ¤¤V¤¤l·¤¤¤ 6¤·¤l?'_ UOWQDSIHPS five, mx, and seven south r . , 1 lmge eaghteen east, townships su: and seven south, range mneteen easttownships six and seven south, range twenty east; townships four,