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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. H. _C¤. 75. 1912. 83 Sec. 10. That on and after January first, nineteen hundred and *¤•°*'•*'°¤¤'°“'> thirteen, white phosphorus matches, manufactured wholly or in part iigmu hum i' E TEX i‘}"i€'h°§£‘2‘"" ““3°.»’IZ° °° °"°"°° ‘°eYe“"" °” 'i.“’ ‘L*y“° "£;'£‘? ni tes, an importation is ere ro ' §..%’= if} “"‘°"h.ii°° *'“"°'*?.‘} “”‘“"’ ’t"?4."‘““ "° % ··-°‘$"’··‘i=···'°°""··*‘ inspection y e government puma. the cormtry in which such matches were manufactured as shall satisfy the Secretarlxoof the 'l‘r·easuK°that they are not white phosphorus ‘ matches. Secretary of Treasury rs authorized and directed to prescribe such I'?|.ll£bl0DB as may be necessary for the enforcement of the provisions 0 this section. Src. 11. That after Januargviirst, nineteen hundred and fourteen, ,, ‘{; itshall beunlawfultoexport mtheUnitedStates anywhitephos· vyém M vm pgorus matches. Any person gurlty of violation of this section shall um. W fined not lem than one thousand dollars and not more than five

dolIabr;s, andrtxy  phoksgshtortngaii matéchhe%  or

a p to expo co a to e ni tates and destroyedinsuch manneresmaybeprescribedby theSecretary of the Treasury, who shall have power to issue such regulations to customs ofliwrs as are necessary to the enforcement of this section. Sec. 12. That every manufacturer of matches shall mark brand ,,,\‘{§f‘F '“°°" athx, stamgi or print, m such manner as the Commissioner of Revenue all prescribe, on every packagpmpf white phosphorus matches manufactured, sold, or removed b§ , the factory number · M required rmder section two of this Act. very such manufacturer ,{§""' _ °"°' who omits to mark, brand, aiiix, stamp, or mt such factory number ` on such package shall be fined not more fifty dollars for each I MMA package m r¢:g·>ct of which such ofense IB committed. Every man- 1** '°'* ufacturer of _ `te phosphorus matches shall securely aflix by pasting on each orrgmal package contarmng stamped o white phosphorus matches manufactured by him a abe , on w ch shall printed, besides the number of the manufacto%land the drstnct in which it is situated, these words; "Not1ce.— e manufacturer of the white phosphorus matches herem contained has comphed with the requirements of law. Every person IS cautioned not to use agam the stamps on the packages herem contamed rmder the penalty rovided by law in such cases." Every manufacturer of white phos- !’*°•“Y‘°'“°¢*°°*· phorus matches who neglects to atiix such label to any orrgmal package contaming stamped packages of white phosphorus matches made by him or so d or removed b or for him, and every person who removes any such label so aflried from any such original_package, shall be fined not more than fifty dollars for each package 111 respect of which such offense is committed. Sm. _13. That if any manufacturer of white phosphorus matches, °°¤°'•* P°'““’· or any importer or exporter of matches, shall om1t, neplect, or refpse to do or cause to be done any of the thin required by) aw m carrymg gpbpt;(;:oir;duh¢;t:•ni°his businlzss, or shall EZ anyktllgng y thrgfgt pro- 4 1 , t no c n or unis entimpo any other section of this Algtxior 5:2 netéectiiig, omitting, or_refusii1g to do,_0r for the doing or causing to be done, the thing required or prohibited, he shall be fined one thousand dollars for each offense, and all the white phosphorus matches owned by him or in which he has ang mterest as owner shall be forfeited to the United States. _ mc. 14. That all fines, penalties, and forfeiture sed by tins e,§°°'°'>’ °' °“"· Act may be recovered in any court of competent ctron. R mim Sec. 15. That the Commissioner of Internal evenue, with the °‘“ ‘ approval of the Secretary of the Treasurgismay make all needful regulations for the carrying into effect of t Act. _ mem, www !§EC. 16. That sections thirty-one hundred and sixty-four to thirty- pmygzm mel one hundred and seventy-seven, thirty-one hundred and seventy Lune “°’ ° "" °‘