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86 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 81-83. 1912. fgnlralgi. 1 I 91,,TAn Act Anthelining the °g£.var to donate to the city of (P¤hlIc.l•.$ _ ‘ Be it enacted t7•eSenateand House Repreeentativesof the United

, Statest¢ifAmes£'t•!1:in C'o1•gr·es•asee1rsble4'ZThattheSecretaryofVYar

’“'" ‘°"’“‘ "?u°"s§‘° *° ‘2.i’.2?§%’.;t$“..‘%‘°rr·...,."“‘*" ""* %?°‘°"·“’ "£.“"° *°r.,..."‘° "'K oac nm 1, carnage_r0ne_ me wrought—iron gun and two bronze l¢:annon_or iieldpreces, with therr carriages, not needed for present service, are now and have been for a number of years mounted on erther srde of the Confederate Monument in one of theupoarks, called Veteran Park, m said city of Jackson, rn State of Missrmppr. Approved, April 18. 1912. _ 82.—r§n Act Authorizing theconstruction of a bridgeacrons theWillamette si;.t— VQ! G' RQ! , . _ (P¤Ni¤•!¤-181 . Be it enacted_by Senate and House of Representatives of the United Y"_{‘***¤°·*,};*,,;,_ States K/_Agnenca an Congress assembled, That the consent of Congrms xenon ¤•%=·rlds¤. be, it rs hereby, given to the oonstructron and maintenance of a y,,,,°"“°",_‘“ ,4, ‘ and agroaches thereto over the Wdlamette River at a point _ le to t _ mterests of navrgatron, in accordance with the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to the construction of bridges over waters/’ a proved h twenty-third, teen hundred an six. Such bndge_ _ mag be constructed and mamtamed by the_county of Yamhill, nn the State of Oregpn, the county ofthlanon, tip sand State, or by said counties of and Marion ac mg jom y.

  • '*"'*”°*· Sec. 2. That theright to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

expressly reserved. _ Approved, April 18, 1912.

  • "?s‘%.}‘“‘ r§?£E;s°.§°‘r2?..’?. €F'aH.“K..t’”“2.?d“”ru¤.” ‘§°a.“$“osge°“d““{:i§Z§”§rird°‘ ."““‘*.§‘6Lr"IL
 homa." approved June twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and six, and for other

FRIIPE. — Be it enacted by the Senate and H Representatives the United °g•¢_g';*°‘•¤•·°*}; States o America in Congress assm,%hat until the inhojgrited lands P y c I ol tt winnespmlmm of the eceased members of the Osage Tribe of Indians shall be par— V°" ‘”‘°”‘ trtionad or sold the Secretary of the Interior be, and he hereby is, authorized to pa; tho taxes on sard land out of any money due and payable to the eirs from the segregated decedent’s furtds in the 'l`rr-usury of the United States. p,}§j=;{;g¤,•{ *"’· Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he hereby is, glnithorized, zivhire the same gvould (po to thesest interests of Osage ottecs, an thesame rs su mitte to th il f - masse zzdsppsvzceyti mfpeni msg mz r l0 ereo , o ¤e o tees rules and i·egulati¥>ns as he may prescribe hind upon suclhntgmhutis hlcishall approve. 'lghs Sepcretgry shallhhave authority to do any and hmgsnecessary omaeteseex eff t' .‘ Omgggajmm, mw Sec. 3_. That the prplperty of deceagedlgggsof oorghhh minor, imane rm, sunject to was- or_other rncompetent ottees of the Osage Tribe, such incompetency ” “’“""‘ being determined by the laws of the State of Oklahoma, which are here p) extended for such purpose to the allotteesof said tribe, shall, lll pro ate matters, be subject to the jurisdiction of the county courts of the State of Oklahoma, but a copy of all papers filed in the county court shall be served on the superintendent of the Osage Agency at