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88 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 83., 1912. f th h ° tent and others have not certihcates of ziixricpefienc 8, thlfpigegeolggl such part of the sale as the competent · {6 and to them without the intervenhmmshau enm1edw8hT.l11e}{al1P d emmo' rheirs inclu such · ’ , ares u _ uqu of an gdmmlstmmr a not be tribal members arid theglenimdian mmor Indian hens as m y . . heirs not ha ’ certificates of competency, shall paid mto_the Treasury of the llnited States and placed to the credit of the Indians upon the same conditions as attach to shares of the “““°“°i£2%`h°' "“*‘ 223 °".h°¥...“1. °f·u.. sm§°3?.‘,?03fi$°.i“t‘§r'§?§ u ¢ we ‘ m , °°21°1“ on D for W1·{hal.?BllgI'E.Il06 §°the proceeds tzglclloshtinllg aa r the in ury <> creglt oi? dleceaseldugzcage allottees. . ¤¤¤·|¤¤¤¤ ¤¤ °¤· Sec. 7. That the lands allotted to members of the Osage ¢1'll>8 shall eamberlnr man. not in my mums; wlmtsgever be encllmbetgid, taken, or g: · ° t,' n rac or mcurre _ ir musfxifliiycgiltilitictileooiliinrifn tghcy, or removal of restrictions on Jasuance Pc . alienation; nor shall the landte;1 or funds of Osage tigwagr b' to cla.imagams° thesameansmgprior _ _ - me num me-me of oaghapetenclyé That no lands or moneyslmhented frolrn ‘°""· Osage allottees shall subject to or be taken or so to secure the payment of any indebtedness incurred by such he1r prior to the lZ1]Il8 P~¤*•••~ such lands and moneys are turned over_ to such hens: Provided, mw °°°°°°` however, That inherite monezs shall be hable for funeral expenses and expenses of last illness 0 deceimed Osage allottees, to be PNA n order of the county court of Osage County, State of Oklahoma: ’¤¤•· l1})rir)videdfur0wr1;Thatnot$g]§h:{)ell1;;'s;1aHbemmu·uedso¤to 1; rty m 0i' , . W-· ·»··»· »~»» °‘§‘£‘éT §T"·li§’.$°i.}’y'°.‘Ii°.,ii meat of aiL_o..g. rua 9; name mt °°’ Un"' mentall incompetent may dispose of any or all of his estate, real, personal, or mixed, including trust funds, from which restrictions as to alienation have not been removed, by will, m accordance with the MM- laws of the State of Oklahoma: Provided, That no such will shall be °'"”°"' mmm admitted to probate or have any validity unless s;pproved before or after the death of the testator by the Secretaigg the Interior. ··¢=¤¤v•¢·¤¤" ¤•- Sm. 9. The word "cpmpetent," as m Act,_shall_mean a °”'°‘ person to whom a certificate has been issued authorizing alienation of all the lands comprising his allotment except hm homestead. 0¤s¤ ww- Sec. 10. That section four, paragraph four of the Osegeallotment cX¤*·3*·v·°*¢··¤¤¤*’· Act, approved June twenty-eighth, nmeteen hundred an su, be, and the same hereby is, amen ed to read as follows: _ _ H12? rglggjmzqf "Fourth. There shall be set aside and reserved from the royalties

$.t..a’ from oil, gas, or oth
) tnbal tri1g)htsm<;(xi <:it‘l’15;r;n;>eall_

un , owever arising, no excee o y us f rposes and as an mergency fund which higiiiax; shtilll ligecmsiird hilt from time to timecuipon the requisition of the Osage tribalp council with the approval beg ghe Secr¢i;t3ryA¢:1f kh: ·r··r¢·~- Ite' ;Provide¢1,Thatt '1n` t ct ntite ‘ c m£$Z°y "Zi rrilalciiig appropriations for thle Icluzrvgit? anldl con_ti.ngenl: expenses of the ¢*‘{?§{°§,,}‘;';,,, Indian De artment and for fulfilling treaty stilpju ations with various ` ' Indian triges for theghiiscal yziaag endnilg June t rtieth, eighteein gund d d t t, an r other purposes} approve une sersentln? cig-liltgexi-`liundred andoninety-seven (Thirtieth Statutes at Large page ninet ), limiting the amount of money to be expended for salaries of regular employees at any one agency shall not hereal ter ap ly to the Osage Agency? _ ¤¤¤g;¤¤*¢¤¤ ¤·*• gmc. 11. That all Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent herewith be, ww and the same hereby are, repealed. Approved, April 18, 1912.