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94; SIXTY·SECON D CONGRESS. Srsss. II. Gus. 96, 97. 1912. , recedmg' section mentioned, and against all other persons and cor- ‘ gorations, or others. who may claim. to have any such rsfht, t1tle,or ¤¤‘•i¤·¤*P¤¤¤¤ interest. On the filing of said brlloiprotiass sulitallrssuesln beservlili according' to the ord1nary' course said co , u n persons aav¤n¤•¤¤¤- co rations, orothers, within the jurisdiction oflrnd court; m came saildxland is m actual adverse possession to the United States notice shall be served on the parties rn actual possession, and Hubhc notice Mv¤¤•¤i¤¢ ¤¢ shall be 'ven, by advertisement rn two newspapers pu ed m the °°°°" city of for three weeks successively, of the pendency of sud suit, and citing all persons and corporations, or others rnterested in the sub°ect matter o said suit or in the land or wster lil! this Act mentionerll to appear, at a day named such notice rn said court to answer the said l and set forth and maintain any right, trtle, interest, or that any person or corgporatrors, or others, may have m the gsettuses; a:lt;his1 mr;1:.y o er such urther notice as it shall think an m . ""*'“°‘“"""°"""' Sm. 3¥ }l‘hat the said cause shall then proceed with practicable · expedition to a final determination by said court of all rights drawn in question therein, and the said court shall have full power and jurisdiction by its decrees to determine every ufhuestion of right, title, interest, or claim in the premises _ to vacate, annul, set - aside, or confirm any claim of any character arrsrngor set forth in the maerueecu. prermeee; and 1ts decree shall be final and conclusrve upon all persons and corporationsilor others, parties to the suit, or who shall far}, after public notice as ereinbeforejn this Act-provided, to dsppear rn said court ancltggate hrs, her, then-, or its and _ bqdaarned forevsr b_ th from setting up or maintaining any right, title, intact, or claim m e premises. ”°‘°”"”"““ °‘ Sec. 4. Thatrfon thefinalh ofsaidcause thesaid Supreme valu e. ad· , _ _ , , , wa{¤l°»’ril¤°iz¤¤°i°`¤¢¤ Court of the Drstnct of Columbia sh5l be of opmrorrthat there exists any right, title, or interest in the land or water m this Act mentioned m any person, or co tion, or others, adverse to the complete and paramount right of xc United States, the said court shall orthwith ·and in a summary way proceed to ascertam the value of any such right, title, interest, or claim exclusive of the value of any improvement to the property covered sy such right, title or interest made by ’·'P°" '° °°°¤°'· pl; ulzilder gwutgprrty of the mted States, and report thereof sha _ e e ngress. e,2’,;°" '° °""""° _Sns. 5. That from the iinal decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and evs1}v_part thereof, rn the premises, an appehal shall be allowed to she hntsted Statesjlaréd to any Csther party m ecausecom larnmgo suc ecree,to e u reme urtof the United States, which last-mentioned court shall hllve full power and pmsdictron to hear, try, and determine the said matter, and every part thereof, and to make final decree in the premises· and the said cause shall, on motion of the Attorn General of the llnited States, be advanced to the earhest practlicalxi hearing.

  • vw¤v¤•¤¤¤- Sec. 6. Thatjor out the provisions or this Act, there is

hereby sppropnated, out o any mone in the Treasury not otherwise a roprra , e sumo enty- ve thousand dollars tobeespended gp ted th f tw fi tf d d ll , 3 y uponast.h!s°%.·e;tg»n and approval of the Attorney General or such urposcs eem uecemary. Approved, April 27, 1912. ` ·? m·“u~ CQAP. 97.—AD. Act Ilnhng 3 gg ' · bmah-: I

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