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96· SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Srss. II. Cr:. 97. 1912. Secretary of legation to Greece and Montenegro, two thousand dollars; Slincretary of legation to Paraguay and Uruguay, two thousand do ; Sec ofl tinandconsulgeneraltoRoumania,Servia,and B o d dollars; Secretary of legation to Persra and consul general at Teheran, who shall be as student of the language of that country, two thousand ; °°°°¤d•·°'*'“*°* Second sgcretaries of embaxy to Austria-llungag, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Germany Italy, Japan, Mexico, an Russia, at two. thousand dollars each, eighteen thousand dollars; Second secretaries of l tion to China and Cuba, at one thousand eigtéthundred dollars eacagrthree thousand six hundred dollars; nd secretary of emhassyutp Turkey, who shall be an American _ gudent of the language of court and country, two thousand "'“’°"'°"°"'* secretaries of embassy to Great Britain, France Mexico, Germany, and Russia, at one thousand two hundred dollars each, six thousand dollars- Third secretary of embassy to Japan, who shall be an American student of the Japanese language, one thousand two hundred dollars; Third secretary of embassy to Turkey, who shall be an American student of the Turkish language, one thousandtwo hundred dollars· Total, one hundred an thirty-nine thormand one hundred and seventy-five dollars. saunas or mrmorurro arm oortstman ornoms vnu.: rrnoxrvme msrnucrxous arm rnxmo •rna¤srrs. ¤£§,}{{,§‘§_"°“ "“’ To pay the salaries of ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and other officers of the United States for the periods actually and necessarily occupied in receiving instructions and in making transits to and from their posts, and while awaiting recognition an authority to act, ¤~¤·••¤-17¤»M¤•- in pursuance of the provisions of section seventeen hundred and forty of the Revised Statutes, so much as may be necessary. crmrxs ar mmassms arm uearroxs. °j'°"" ""”""""°‘· For the employment of necessary 1 ks t th b dl M tions, who, whenever hereafter appiiizted? shfllmllle acilizrisu of 852; United States, seventy-Eve thousand dollars. saunms or TO mrnassms AND LEGATIONS. “""*"°‘°”·°‘°· AssistantChinesesecret toth I f l$0c11l.l1 ,t be ed from the corps of studentalizwrprgwhgr gv: thousarld (dollaiggwmt Assistant apanese secretary to the embassy to Japan, to be gpgggted from the corps of student interpreters, two thousand 0 L Assistant Turkish secretary to the b to Turke , be

 from the corps 0 student   two {hoirgand

smlléitgiglffgr to legation and consulate general to Persia, one thout to f d · at d t 1 t 0..; $§ff.2°r.$§ §»—§"E“.m’d°md” “°d01i.T’I3.$“’“‘° g°“‘°'“ °° B‘“g"°"· S"““· 2, °° " "‘ or en stu ent inte rete t th I t' to China shall prfnfevhrna. be crtraens of the Unite¢1?Stat;,3and gvhggg dtirlty it shall bewtlbostudy the Chinese language with a view to supplying interpreters to the