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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. H. Ch. 91. 1912. 99 dedbalanceof thea riati madf thisb'tf the‘**¤¤°° *•¤¤N Eahyear nineteen hunggpandollwelvef is°hiu•·:by0i·eap- v°U°’°'=¤‘ ` propnated and made available for thi purpose. _ aunwancr ro wmows on mms or nmoxauo ornoms wm) mn ‘ 1’ayment,underthe visionsofeectio tee h dred d *“°'•°°°*°°°*· smytnam ot an of me U¤i1£3h?¤..s?w`?te widctgvs °°’ """‘ ""’°" or at law of dxplomatne or eonsular omcers of the United States g;ngm§ore1gneoun¤¤nmthednchargeof thirduties, five naasroume rntams or nmoxauo OITIOEBB, OONSUIB, aim ooxsunap assxnaxvrs ro umm nouns mn muaunwr. i¤·¤ra¤n.yn3gtn¤¤xp.¤.a¤ze.¤p°` rtmg' therem-` ain; {dip' lc. MM matic and comular officers of the United States, including ?>onsular nh _ amstants, who have dnedor may die abroad or in transit, while in the disclpuge of thei: ofisial dtuhtges, to their fgrmer homw in this coun or mtermen , an or ordmary of sritdginteiment, at their post or at·home%v;wth$:a·sHd §Io£ ~ nrrzn¤a•r10¤aL mmnau or wnenrs arm nmasmms. Qontribution to the maintenance of- the International Bureau of $ Nlfenghts and Measures, in conformity with the tegns of the conven— ¤¢g:_¤¤- nl tion of May twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred an seven?·five, the ·’°' same to be paid, under the direction of the Secretaii 0 State, to said bureau on its certificate of apportionment, two ousand eight hundred and ninety-five dollars. » INTERNA'1'I0li’A.L mmnav ron runucarroiw or cusrous ranrns. To m t th sha: f th United States in the annual expense for ”*‘”¤•“°°*‘.mm,,¤,`°°•,_ the yearwendiiig Msrgh thiztg-first, nineteen hundred and thirteen, °°i·°·i1.¤¤.a¤¤1¤- of sustaining the internatio bureau at Brussels for the translation and publication of customs tariffs one thousand five hundred dollars· . this appropriation to be available on April iixst nineteen hundred and twelve, pursuant to convention proclaimed December seventeenth, eighteen hundred and ninety. INTERNATIDNAL (warm) nommaar comnssxox, umrm sraras aim rmxxoo. To enable the commission to continue its work under the treaties of ,,Q*,,°,,’,}§f;‘,,°,LY},‘,,,_'F' eighteen hundred and eighty-four and eighteen hundred and eiglhltg- ¤i¤¤· nine and nineteen hundred and five, twenty-five thousand do . ,,_v,‘}_L,§*,,§’·1°u’V°*· nommanr LIKE, anasxa aim oaxava, aim run m~m·m:• srarns aim ‘ oaxana. T nabl the Secre f State to mark the boundary and make ¤¤¤¤¤¤r M¤¤ the gugveys incidentaltatlliyerlito between the Territory of Alaska and °°ii¤a.¤.p.1m. the Dominion of Canada in conformity with the award of the Alaskan Boundary 'I’ribunal and, existgnxi treaties, including employment at the seat of government of s survgors, computers draftsmen, and clerks as are necessary to reduce eld notes; and for the more m;13_¤·;¤•,{¥d.l;7a·j_¤¤ effective demarcation and mapping, msuaut to the treaty of April vu.s.p.a¤. eleventh, nineteen hundred and eight, between the United Stats .