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1(X) SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sina H. C1:. 97. 1912. and Great of the land and water boundary line between the United States and the Dominion of Canada, as utabhshed under existing treaties, to be expended under the direction of the Secretag of State, including employment at the seat of government of su surveyors computers, draftsrnen, and clerks as are necasary to reduce lield notes, seventy-five thousand dollars, together ynth the unexpended balance of previous appropriations for these objects. mrmuauouan mmnav ar nnussus ron nnrnnssrorw or rn armoarw suv:. mmm. · _ n¤¤¤•¤¢¤£• T ttheshare fthU'tedSttes' thexpensesfthe ··r~r°:r:“°*°°° " qalmliareau oreatedoby agticlgleightygzwo iii thglgeneral ac: con- '°‘· ’7· ’· ""· zluded at Brussels July second, ‘:5hteen hundred_ _ mneg, for the · repression of the Afncau slave e and the restriction of e unportation into and sale in a certain defined zone of the African Continent ofiirearms, ammunition, and spirituous liquors, for the ear nineteen hundred and thirteen, one hundred and twenty-five mrnnanorwan rmsox oornussron. ¤*¤•¤¤¤¤¤P¤•·=¤ F subscripf ion ftheUnitedStates adhemrg' ber f qi-—°°' P(i·ison Commission, ands tal; expenses nyu; 4:0;- mrsroner, mclud.u1g preparation_of reports, two thousand dollars. _;'••g_••••¢• •• The United States shallcontmue as an adhering member of the ID$61’D;ltl.0DAlPI'H)D 8»l1.(]. illt]IbW0l'k0f8lid commission. .,,’*",,,”°M*°*.,_..*-·,,, The Secretary of the Trees be, and be hereb , thorized ' annuallytcpaythepmntashli•ryrepfdmUnite¢i·Sutes}rirtl1`isadminrstratron expense o the International Prison Commrssron and the necemary expenses of a commissioner to represent the United States on said commission at its annual meetings, together with necessary clqrcal and other expenses, out of any rnoneg which shall be appropriatedforsuchpurposes fromtrmeto trme yCongress. ¤1'¤.¤a¤o1nn ontmrno assooxarrox mn ru lmasurrnrnrrr or run tamu. ·-i'·'·m*"" t.§'°A...m...°“‘*"° "t’...‘%.°'°‘“3°%E.,‘ii€."*t;."“"t"‘ S°‘“°;§%..."¤’g· *‘“‘°‘@ ass , 1 uo a as an of the International geodetic Associaciion for the of the Earth, one thousand Eve hundred dollars. ran armnxcax Umor:. ,,}’,·¤ 4=¤•¤¤•¤ Pan American Union, seventy-iiv thousand dollars: Provided, ggvrgsmmm w That any moum received from bther American Republics for dm tlresralpportof umonshal1bepa1d1nto theTreasur·yasacredit, in tti1§n tg ttl; a£propnat1c;né drawn thprefrom upon reqmsr ns o _ o _ or urpose cet' th '“"““"““'“”· expenses of the union: dtagprmndedfrgdlwr, 'Fhat thelimlllilic @1;; be, and he is hereby, authorized to (print an edition of the Monthly gulleltrnhrraot to five thousan copres per month,_for· mcghy un.r:$durmgtheiiscalyearendmgJnmethutreth,nmem·¤rma·rro¤ar. mmzau or rn P¤un.umrr OGDIIB or anxraarrox. “"""“""" "" Tomeettheshareof theUnitedSt;tqs gh,¤p,m,_,, rsau or Permanent _ m fo th °·;:_{Mm nineteen hundred and_eleven of the International ureauo thePermanentCourtofArbntratren,oreatedundar•rticle