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108 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Smst II. Cns.102, 103, 105, 106. 1912. mnxuan. , Sec. 8. That the Director of the Census shall make his 6.rst report under this Act as of the 61st day of October, nineteen hundred and twelve, and he shall publish the same and all subsequent reports at a date as early as practicable after the first day of October and the first of April in each year. Approved, April 30, 1912.

   108.-Au Act To authorize the change of the names of the steamer: Syracuse

.. ..T.;_. 311 BOBUDD. [rama Ne. us.] - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re esentatives of the Ihtited ··§§},f,‘,§H°§Q,mQ,§° States of Aqteriea in Gong:-ess assembled, Tgt the Commissioner of Navigation IS herebgauthorized and directed, upon application of °,h¤,¤ ¤’ · ·>f ¤¤¤¤• the owner the Port uron and Duluth Steamship Company, .of Port °° Huron, Michigan, to chanige the name of the steamer Syracuse, official number one undred an sixteen thousand and twenty-five, and to chagge th; name of gi? steamer Boston, official number three thousan one un an orty. Approved, April 30, 1912. xf’7·?mj CHAP. 105.-An Act To ai nd the Act f F bruary 'ghtee th, tee


1>¤rv¤é¢¤-" ° Be ite·ruwtedbyt}¢eSenateandHmiseo R eaenlatives the Umhd NE{{l§,`Lj”,'}§,§,‘§.§`,'E° States of America in Congress assenzbledq 'lgt the Act bi. February m}’e“],c,,f*°· P- . 627- eighteenth, nineteen hundred and nine ('llxiretg-fifth Statutes at Large, page six hundred and twenty-six), cntitl "An act to create Llxcgglgzgrcgrap gig Tree National Forest, and for other purp0ses," be s o ows: .,{Z°'}§§’,{"§,““§°il‘°"“ Omit therefrom the portion of the A t be ` `th th d { I W em " any" at the end of the twelfth line on page siiluhliilrildrgil and tiveiigly- seygn thereof to and including the word " or" in theltwentieth line of mmm emma?. ig; fg>li•.§;inanv¢‘1asubsz.;§uti‘ah thereforbthe fouxzwlpngzh one or both of S a .,Fa..’i‘.1r · °*2i*"‘y- 2- g‘.i°“ ?"g ‘ “° m° ‘”‘°" “‘° sgingiog of Sm-V eénor, wx m sui yi ays a_ ter such conveyance, Wmmuommudl f , _ I eye qupappropna e , nonmineral public lands or 8,,,,,,, e nenmmera nations orest lands, and if the lands so selected shall be found subject to· selection and of the actual value in lands and stnnrgyggge substgntially cqtpal to that of the lands and stumpage '_ conveye e ma e patentc to said owners in lieu of the d

 of scc;. lands? 1>’ , gouggvér That ln any case Where any- pc&;€n&O5£§6

tar; ·»r sgrscuimm. lands selected is national forest land, the approval of the Secrets Amwpdmon M of £in<gul¥1r;1sl;¤£l {ust scgured with respect to such part, or (2)?; ,,,.,,c,..,,._ h , e e is ere y appropriated, out of any money in t e asury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for the purposes of fully carrying out the provisions of this Act. Approved, May 7, 1912. ,Hj`Ei§§, CHAP. 106.-An Act To incorporate the American Numismatic Amociation. [;»¤sxsa,N0.i41.] Be it muted by the S , and H R _ _ mgistnnt of Colum- Swag 0 A · in O as American Numb- " 7 · · ’ ’ nn bert, of Oshk Wisco mauc Association in- . P usms am A• A$hb!°0Ok, of J0hl]St0’Wll 6Bi0° °°i·F’L’$’$.€¥»`}a¤e. gg? §h“fm3“W°* Pl“1¤diE:i¤¢ J- M· Henderson, of Columbus; moim gig; maood, Broo e Massachusetts, together with such K: md the hjgmb y assoc1ate_with(themselves, and then- successors, of bolumbig y are, constitute a body corporate of the District