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110 SIXTY -SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cas. 117-120. 1912. in 10 11112. CRAP. 11 .-An Act To mabethe examinerof drugs,medicinea,andchem1— [Q 265*] mls an asistazit appraiser at the port 0 Boston. 1 , ua. . . mb in Nm 1 Be it enacted by Senate and HmwLo2fRelpreeentat•vee of the United gf_‘g'}’,}” 0, dma States of America m Om3gr·eae agsemb_ , That_ the special examiner eve., soma, masse of drugs, medicines, an chemicals in the district of _Boston and '°§f§? :§,Y'§§§,m_ Charlestown, Massachusetts shall, m addition_to his duties as special “”¤“l*'· examiner, for which he shall be appointed with special reference to his qualifications, perform the duties and hold the rank of an assistant appraiser. Approved, May 10, 1912. 1t• 10. 1.912. GIA!. 118.-An Act To establish Holeb, Maine, a subport of entry in the customs lg- ¤°°-l collection district of Bangor, Maine, and for other purposes. . [hmm No ml] Be it enaded by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United ,°§,‘,,‘§°,,{;.,,{‘°·· °‘“’ States of America in Oemgrees assembled, That Holeb, _M8.l110, be, and ‘¤<>g>¤¤¤¢·¤¤v¤¤ the same is hereby, established a subport of entry in the customs °§:`s.‘ia·.zs1·, collection district of Bangor, Maine, and that the privileges of the "“,,‘j,“,,‘§§,,f’;,,, ,_,.,,,, first section of the Act approved June tenth, hundred and v¤‘5¢1¤¤¤¤•¤;;¤·~ eight , governing the immediate transportation of dutiable mer- ° n' p' chandse without apgraisement, be, an the same are hereby, extended to the said su port of Holeb, Maine. _ _ Mw<g:_*:;¤ ¤¤•v¤¤ Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized ve1.n,p.14i•. to discontinue Lowelltown as a subportof entry whenever he may be satisfied that the maintenance 0 such_subp0rt is no longer necessary to the transaction of the public business. Approved, May 10, 1912. May 10.1912. CHAP. 119.-An Act To increase the limit of cost of the additions to the public ____@_f2‘5·] building at Salt lake City, Utah. Public. No.151. I 1 Be it evuictedby the Senate and House of Repreaen.tativee rff the United §_Ie:{;¤¥&Cig*§Q; States of Ammon in Congress assembled, That the limit o cost of the mma, pub1lcb¤11d· additions to the public building to be erected at Salt Lake —City, ‘““· in the State of Utah, is hereby increased from two hundred and five thousand dollars to two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. Approved, May 10, 1912. ing 11, im. Gin. 120.-An Act yo authorise the contraction and maintenance cl e dam or [ · '°“·] dams acm; the Kansas River in western Shawnee County, or in Wabaunsee County, {venue, sc. im.] in the State of Kansas. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repreeen¢at29veeqfa9/ae United §gp'g'Q;(§§,;,,c,,, States of America in assembled, That the Topeka Commercial g;:gn_:·e¤{_r gv·_&__1: Club, a_corporation organized under the laws of Kansas, its successors seq counties, nm. and assigns, be, and they are hereby, authorized to construct, maintain, an operate not to exceed two dams across the Kansas River, at &ints suitable to the interests of navigation in western Shawnee ‘ unty, or in Wabaunsee County, in the State of Kansas, in accordven. ae, a ms. ance with the provisions of the Act a proved June twenty-third, ning. teen hundred and ten, entitled "An got to amend an Act entitled ‘An Act to regulate the construction of dams across navigable waters ’ upgroved une twenty—lirst, nineteen hundred and six. " °

  • ¤¤·¤¤•=¤*~ nc. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby

expressly reserved. Approved, May 11, 1912.