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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 121. 1912. 111 CHAP. 121.-Au Act To provide for the disposal of the umllotted hum on the !•g`11.1912· Omaha Indian Reeervahou, in the State of Nebraska. ._..._[ “m.‘_] ._.. Public, No. 158. Be it enacted Senate and House of Rfgresentatives of the United [ I States of Anwrwa m Ommgress assembled, at the Secretary of the ,,,,§’,{'{;,*},‘§,Q§}*°R* Interior be, and he is hereby, &\iT_Ql01'iZ€d to cause to be surveyed, if ¤i¤v¤i1<>f \i¤lli<>¥·- necessary, and appraised, in such manner as he may direct, in tracts t°d]”°d°°“ of forty acres each, or as nearly as to the Secretary ma seem practicable, and, after such survey and ap raisement, to seg and convey, in quantities not to exceed one hundred and sixty acres to any one purchaser, all the unnllotted lands on the Omaha Indian Reservation, in the State of Nebraska., except such tracts as are hereinafter specifically reserved: Provided, That the said land shall be sold to $,'f‘,'j,'h,g,,°m,m_ t e highest bidder under such regulations as the Secret of the der- Interior may prescribe, but no part of said land shall be saollil at less than the appraised value thereo : And pro·v1Zded further, That prior to mlggg" '“*’j°°‘ '*° such appraisement and sale any member of the Omaha. Tribe whose seneciionm umu, allotment is subject to erosion by the Missouri River shall be per- °u°°°°°°` mitted to relinquish such allotment and select lieu lands of equal area from the unallotted lands, the lands so relinquished to become a part of the unallotted tribal lands and subject to appraisement and sale under the terms of this Act. Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the Inteiior is hereby directed to gIé},'§’et',‘f°"“*' reserve from sale, under the terms of this Act, the following tracts of ' lend for the purposes designated: Forty-nine acres of the land new used for agency purposes to be reserved for agency and school purposes for so long as the need thereof exists; ten acres to be selected y the tribe for use as a tribal cemetery; ten acres of the land now reserved for the use of the Presbyterian (`hureh to be selected by the oihcials of said church for the use of the church so long as needed for religious or educational purposes; two aeres of the land on which is standing what is known as the old Presbyterian mission building, and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to cause a patent in fee sim le to issue therefor in the name of the State His- _ torieal Soeiety of gebmskaz Provided, That of the land now reserved @f‘§jj‘;?{;,.,,,, ,,8,,,,c, for agency purposes the Secretary of the Interior is directed to reserve \¤¤<1~. and set aside for town-site puiposes one hundred and sixtv-four acres other than the forty-nine acres hereinbefore reserved, and shall cause the same to be surveyed and plnttecl into town lots, streets, nllevs, and parks, the lots to be appraised and sold under the terms of this Act, and the streets, alleys, and parks are hereby dedicated to public use: Prmnided further, That the lands allotted, those _ r·£mi·—¤¤o prohib retained or reserved, and the surplus lands sold, set aside for town- “°"‘ site purposes, or otherwise disposed of, shall be subject for :1. period of twentydive years to all of the laws of the United States prohibiting the introduction of intoxiezmts into the Indian country. SBC. 3. That the proceeds of such sale, after paying all the expenses ;w*;',?m’g;;d‘ilVm°“ °* incident to and neeessuxfv for carrying out the provisions of this Act, and after reimbursing the general trust fund of the tribe for anv assessment paid therefrom for protecting the unallotted tribal land/s from overflow, shell be divideii pr0—rnta among the children of the Omaha Tribe living on the date of the passage and approval of this V I 22 wu Art who have not received allotments of land under the Acts of °` ‘p' August seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty-two (Twenty-second `United States Statutes at Large. page three hundred and forty-one), and lilureli third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three (Twenty-third v¤1.z·1,p.ssa. [`uited States Statutes nt Large, pmt; six hundred and thirty), and _ shall be ex ended for the benefit of said Indians when and in suvh 111Ml- E”¥’°“‘“‘“’°‘ ner xs in the opinion of the See-retnry of the Interior shall he to their best interests,¤din;z sueh expenditure by the said Secretary the sums due the respective Indians shall be plat-ed to the credit er the