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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cue. 136, 137, 143. 1912. 119 Forrest, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Lamar, Marion, Perry, and l’earl River, which constitute the southern division of said district. Terms of the district court for the Jackson division shall be “°'°' held at Jackson on the iirst Mondays in Ma and November; for the western division, at Vicksburg on the first Mondays in January and July; for the eastern division, at Meridian on the second Mondays in March and September; and for the southern division, at Biloxi on the third Mondays in February and August. The clerk of the court for °“°°'· each district an office in charge of himself or a de uty at place m his district at which court is now uired to begield at which he shall not himself reside, which shall brgclrept open at all umu for the transaction of the as of the court. The marshal foreachofsaid districts shall maintainanofficeinchargeofhimselfor a deputy at each place of holding court in his district. ’ Approved, May 27, 1912. GBA?. 137.-—An Act To authorize levee and district numbered twenty- my 11 im. live, oi Dunklin Coimty, Mimouri, to constraint and maintain a levee acmssa branch [K- B- h6¤0·l or cut-ol! of Saint ltiver, and to constructand maintain a levee across the mouth of the Varney River, in the Suite oi Missouri. B¢itenadedbytbeSenateam1Hm4seqfRe;$;i·esentat1}12es of the United State: of America in Congress assembled, at levee and drainage ummm county, district numbered twenty-five, otugunkllin lgountfy, ghe;0St?te of “§’;,,,,,,w;,,,,,,,,,,,d °acorporationo erte wso te ta o •·=¤¤ ¤ sourifurthereby autho truct and maintain alevee_ across an M vmq umm arm orbranchof the Saint Francis River, known as"Dunklm County Cut-oE," at a point in section thirty-two, township mneteen north, range nine east in Dunklin County, Missouri, along the bank of the Saint Francis Iliver, and near the cad of the said ranch or cut-off; and also to construct and maintain a levee across the mouth of the Varney River where it runs into the Saint Francis I§.1ver,_m or near gestion thi:rty-two, township eighteen north, range eight, m Dunklm un Missouri.

 That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby A¤•¤¤¤¤¤¤·

expressly reserved. Approved, May 27, 1912. CHAP. 143.-An Act Authorizi the Secret of War to convert the ‘mental lay za. 1912. Amy post at rm ogasumpe me lgimgsee wily · my [Pink 0, . 0. . Be it enaded by the Senate and House if Representatives of the United Stale: g America in Congress assemble , That the Secretary of War ;*{{;’{§;,°gé$*é be, an gis isolgreiby, augiorized tot congert the regiments.! Army pm. tat crt eto eo amoa rigadepos. POSec. 2. That the Slepczhtaryrgi war, in his discretion, njkv locate C,f_*{*,j§I°°*§‘é_°§{m;”,‘; and construct buildings necessary for the use and accomm ation of rg:. mmm the troops of the briia/idle at any pomt m the Chickamaugua and Chattan National 'tary Park, whether the same be contiguous to Fort g§;ehorpe or not, said buildings to be used for the accommodation of art of the brigade to be located at Fort (flethorpe: · Provided, 'Fhat for the fiscal year nineteen hundred an fourteen hhgngh wbuub and thereafter the Secretary 0 War shall submit detailed estimates mma of any buildings and improvements to_ be made at sand post to

 fc? its approval efore proceeding further to the construetion thereo . ’

Approved, May 29, 1912. 87618°—vo¤. 37-11 1--10