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12*8 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 157. 1912. employed, and the compensation of draftsmen_while employed in the Army Ordnance Bureau on ordnance construction, eighteen thousand seven hundred dollars. _ ¤¤¤¤•=*¤•¤¤*¤¤ snnuanmn imms.

  • "“°'**·‘°·°‘°- For the purchase of submarine mines and necessary appliances to

operate them for closing the channels leading to our principal seaports, and continuing torpedo experiments; for the purchase of the necemary machin tools, and implements for the repair shop of the torg-ado .,,*’°“ T,°“°°,,,,·",-Y- depot ali;]-Ilort Totten, New York, and for extra-duty pay to sol ers . necessarily em loyed for periods not less than ten days on worlg in connection the issue, receipt, and care of submarine mining material at the torpedo depot, iiity-eight thousand dollars. - insular penxons. FORTIFICATIONS IN INSULAR POSSESSIONS. mgitrineer d¤r>¤*r ENGINEER DEPARTMENT. smear mmiei For construction of seacoast batteries, as follows: . mmm mum In the Hawaiian Islands, one hundred and seventy thousand dollars; Piiiiimiine 1¤i=¤¤1¤- In the Philippine Islands, eight hundred thousand dollars; In aH, nine undred and seventy thousand dollars. . rmsnaucn, etc. I For lirotlelction, preservation, and repair of fortifications at the fol- 0 oc 'ties: - nawnan Islands. vI]nD§he Hawaiian Islands, five hundred dollars;

M s*.t°‘*”i"Pam‘¤‘a¤r*¤» iighttisistid ‘*°“·"=

‘ cig t onsan ve un ars. ·r-erpsao imma For- preservation and repair of structures erected for torpedo defelpsei, la;nd_£0rlma1ptaining channels for access to torpedo wharves . att e 0 owing ocaities: Philippine mmda. In the Philippine Islands, five hundred dollars. Electric piwu. _For tools, e ectrical and other supplies and appliances, to be furnished by the Engineer l)epartment for the use_of the troops for maintaining and operating searchhghts and electric light and power plants at seacoast ortifications-— sanum mum. In the Hawaiian Islands, seven hundred fifty dollars; rmupprns manu In the Philrppme Islands, two thousand five hundred dollars; In all, three thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. Sirnarimree. rmnrza Tru: cumr srerur. orrrcmz. kglrggcentml mm- For- operation and maintenance of fire-control installations at seacoast de enses, twenty thousand dollars. Armamerrt. OBDNANCE DEPARTMENT. . §{g3·;;*°~;:·;=¤¤_;m_ The Qhief of Ordnance, United States Army,_ is, in addition to men Kerastase. appropriations heretofore made,_ hereby authorized to enter into contracts or otherwise incur obhgations not to exceed seventy-one thousand four hundred dollars for the purchase, manufacture, and test of seacoast cannon for coast defenses, including their carrnrges, sights, implements, ertmpments, and the machinery necemary for their manufacture at the arsenals. . ,,eQc'§_‘§,°c';§,§g; ‘°' For purchase, manufacture, and fest of ammrmition for seacoast cannon, including the necessary experiments in connection therewith, and the machinery necessary for- its manufacture at the arse- Al nals, three hundred thousand dollars.

 ’°** _ For_ the alteration and maintenance of the seacoast artillery,

including the purchase and manufacture of machinery, tools, and materials necessary for the work, and expenses of the civilian mechan-