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132 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. sms. II. css. ist-isc. 1912. Avprow bv S*°¤—* shall revert to the United States: Provided further, That before the my °‘ mum' said railwa company shall be permitted to enter upon any dpart of said pnbliciands a descrégtion by metes and bounds o the lan herein authorized to be occupi or used shall be agparoved by the Secretary P""““"'· °‘°‘ of the Interior: And provided further, That said railway company shall comply with such othler regulation? copiditions 11} the ggf , ten I’&lZ1 said roa asmay rom e iiimti3nignbdI;>8i·uescd}?;xdeb;.nthe}S•ecret)a1iry? of the Interior audfpay for such right of way and side tracks the ap raised value thereo which shall be ascertained under such rules anci)re§u1ations as shall blgfpre- P"‘°°°°"°"°h°“l' scribed by the Secretary of the Interior; an the proceeds the rom shall be used by the Secretary of the Interior for the use and benefit “ of the Che enne and Arapahoe Indian schools. _ _ “"‘°“°“‘°°** °"°‘ Sec. 3. That the iight to alter, amend, or repeal thisAct is hereby · expressly reserved. Approved, June 10, 1912. ""’“£·""* cnn. .- aamw the · semen nmasanmsi · -@’!§ · school nurdlileiédztondt of Nez ace giihliyttnidaho. · hgh Be it enacted by the Senate and House QfI'¥g1`€8¢7ttdt‘t0C8 of the United l1;¤¤¤i;;:c¤;d¤~c°m” Smeg of Amerika in Congress cssegnbled, at the of the iaaiiz pmasiaee isi- Interior is hereby authorized and directed to cause patent to issue to •¤l·°°i· rural high schoo district numbered one, of Nez Perce Count{;§daho, for the use and beneit of said district, for the following-descr! tract of land within said county, to wit: at the southeast comer of lot numbered twenty-seven, on the north boundary of Fort Lagiiwai Military Reservation, in section two, townshig tlnrtv- Eve nort , range four west, Boise meridian; thence south ong the west line of the Presbyterian mission reserve three hundred feet; thence south eighty-five degrees west seven hundred and twenty-six feet; thence north three hundred feet to the north boundary oi! the Fort Lapwai Military Reservation; thence north eighty-five degrees east along said military reservation boundary seven hundred and ,mm,_ twenty-six feet, to the pllace of beginning containing five acres, more mtudigansfp of !¤· or less :_ Provided That diun&up1ls within Said tiislilict shall at all times be admitted to su schools as may be estabhshed on the ummm, rated herein on terms of equality with the white pupils; Pro- _ er,_ That m the event the proposed school bm ding is not comp eted within two years after the title has passed to the rural Be nm M mk high school district numbered one, the land shall revert to the United ,,,,,.Y° States: Provided further, That in_ the event said lands are ever abandoned and not used for educational purposes, all right, title, and interest therein conveyed to the said district by this Act shall be forfeited and the same shall revert to the United States. Approved, June 11, 1912. Jug; Z CHAP. 188.-An Act To amend section one of an Act entitled "An Act to provide

 2-51211 enlarged homest¤d," approved February nineteenth, nineteen hundred and

Be it enacted b·y the Senate and House of Representati th U ded ,,2*};*** °°¤•· Stages- o( flmerwa in Congress assembled That sectionviiiigfof 6thenAct uYé=_}d_$£. v- W. enti Act to provide for an eniarged homestead," approved Febing mnet<;gnth,dmn1}te1jen hundred and 111116, be, and is hereby, amen so as rea as o ows: E,,';,§"“?’“"°'” “SEC’I'ION 1. That any erson wh aliii d trym d Ng¢:{·%:·‘?g·;:§¢_¤d the homestead laws of the Iilnited Stztelg iiuilyl entgr, li; legalailublxriivif stm. nam. mea sions, under the provisions of this Act, in the States of Arizona, Cali-