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134 SIX'I`Y—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns. 169-171. 1912. the Secretary f the Treas , be stationed at said subport as in his `udgmentfihe interestg the service may require, who shall J . . receive such compensation as may be fixed by him. . Approved, June 15, 1912. -'¤¤· *°· lm cnn. 170.-An Act swung certain lands to me sms or cauama to tm • rs. a. imc.] . . . . -—--— - part of Cahfouna Redwood Park in sand State. [Public, Ho. 195.] · Be it enacted by the Senate and Houaz¢Z“Re£ru¢1ntatives of the United §“,E§§‘;d1“’,§,°‘(3,1u°,. States of America in Congress assemb , That the Secretary of the

  • 1;;;,, *°* “°°"°°° Interior be, anu he hereby is, authorized and directed to transfer by

' patent all of the vacant lands owned by the United States in townships nine south, ranagps three and. four west, Mount Diablo meridian,_m the State of C ornia, to the said State of California, on condition _ that the said lands be added to and form a part of the Cahforma §Q'Q§& ,,‘,,,,_ Redwood Park now owned and maintained by said State: Provkkd That tlZ\1S Act sha.ll not interfere with valid existing rights by settlement on any of said lands under the publio·land laws prior to February tenth, nineteen hundred and two, and maintained in accordance with the law under which initiated up to the date of the passage of this Act, if proper application to enter said lands be made B:v¤¤¤¤¤ f¤r ¤¤¤- within ninety days from date of approval hereof: Provided further, °°° That whenever these lands cease to be used as a public park b the gaid State-of California the same shall again revert to the tates. Approved, June 15, 1912. -§¤j<§l§s}%fi u cg.z‘1駧A:.b.¥-t To provide for the supportand maintenance of bastards in [Public, No. 196.] . . · Be it enacted by the_ Senate and House of Representatives of the b,{*’“"°‘ °’ C°“““‘ Umied States of America in Congress assembled, That every child guurggnmd shall be deemed a bastard who shall be begotten and born out of °"° ° lawful wedlock, but this shall not be deemed to repeal or modify v0,_3,_p mp section mne hundred and fifty-seven of the Code of Law of the District of Columbia. m_g-,g_g;¤···*¤¤ br Sec. 2. That any unmarried woman who is uick with child gigy glo gage the glprkhof tg; mvprirle cogrtpf tllre Distgictlgfl ,0 erem e as en eivere 0 a astar c' ,or that_ be her place of legal residence) if she was delivered thereof outside of the said District, at any time after becomin quick with Sm mm to I k child or wrthenbgzwo gpaistfter ttl:14-I lznclrltlhiof Btlge bastarei and accuS6 Juvgn ¤ er any person o mg e a ere e . f ' Ht. M ue °°`m` the clerk shall examine the mother of such bxagiirsrldlpsxilldfninliildef oath, concerning her residence and her marriage or single condition when the child was begotten; where and when she was delivered of Sl.lGh·Cl11l(l§ and of she was delivered of the child outside of the District, the reason thereof, and reduce her statement to writing, and sign same as clerk. If, however, the clerk shall fail to reduce the statement to writing, or_if it should be lost, such failure or loss

  • 1;;% lggggghfg shall be no cause for dismissing the warrant. such warrant mi?

mum. be applied for by the Board of Charities of the Distnct or any PBNOD as next friend of the said bastard under two years of age. wu-nnsenr-me Sec. 3. That on such examination, if the woman be quick with child, or the child having been born and still under two years of age, a warrant shall be issued by the clerk, directed to the United States marshal or to the major and superintendent or any member of the Metropolitan police force of the District of Columbia,