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xviii PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. Psgc. Bridge, Cam de llmtin Pena. An Act To authorize the Government of Porto Rico to construct a bridge across the Cano de Martin Pena, an estuary of the harbor of San Juan, Porto Rico, 512 A 24, 1912 Alaska xzilture. An Act To create a lgslative assembly in the Territory of Alaska,.to confer leghlative wer thereon, and for o er August 24, 1912 .. . . 512 Appropriations, Department. An Act ing a ropnations for the current andpontrugent ex of the Bureau of Indian Alfairs for treaty stipulations with various In ran trimlrgud for other purposes, for the iiacal year ending une thrrtieth, nmewen hundred ..,.,¤E.¢.,...‘“*‘ ""’*°°,...% ‘“““"‘ 2"*i3‘i;z"n.»..· ‘‘‘‘ ..8 ‘·‘‘‘‘‘‘‘·‘=‘ ‘ 1* · or ‘.m.· ‘‘‘‘ z · me 5*8 , service. a ro ons or e e e ce par-hunent for the fiscal ye; Junepgnirtraih, nineteen hundred and thirteen, and 539 for urposes. uguat 9 ... . 1 Panama Czrngset. An Act olperovide for the opening, maintenance, protection, and operation of the Panama Canzlkarid suitation and_g of the Cana; fhonexnaugiusttit, 1912. 560 Appropno¢1ona" ,Army. tlhkmgapro tron esupporto e yor e Lea; June thirtieidr, and thirteen, and for other purposes. August 569 pom uma' , dump., ```````` X{{X¤%`·i·i»`¤¤s¤u ``'``'` ii `iéiéiiadéé Kéi Inieiiéésiirigkié Liié bi certain lands in the Colville Indian Reservation to the town of Okanogan, State otWashingtion, for gghliézlgark purposes," approved July trmity-second, nineteen humlred aud twelve. 594 ugust , ... J ...

 ‘ defdendu. AnActlIakinga propriationstosup 1 deli i nc' ’ priations

A the nga; nineteen hundred aus twelve and for pridryyears, 595 ugust , . . ... . ... t . RESOLUTIONS. Ruuia veuzimgoint Resolution for the termination of the treaty of eighteen hundred and ·two between the United State and Russia. December 21, 1911 ... 627 (jongrenioml employers, December salaries. Joint Resolution To pay the omcers and emgloyees ot the Srmate and House of Representatives their salaries for the month ol - ber, nineteen hundred and eleven, on the twentieth y of nid mmth. December 21, 1911. 627 Members' clerk hire, December, 1911. Joint Resolution To pay Members, Deleptes, and Resident Commissioners, their allowance for clerk hire for December, nineteen hundred and eleven, on the twenty-Erst day of that month. December 21, 1911 ... 628 Obeoleu ordnance, Grand Army of the Republic. Joint Resolution Authrriaing the Secretary of War to deliver two condemned cannon to the Grand Army of the Republic. Janua&·1&1912. . 628 .lfil€u¤%A¤rd:rny,_Jo•6 Pqaoa Diaz, of Joint Resolution Authorizing the tary of ar to receive for instruction at the nited Stats Military Academy, at West Point, Mr. José Pesos Diaz of Niesr§u.s. Jann? 26, 1912 ... . ,,,,, 623 Confederate Veleram’ Reunion, umn, Go. oint Resolution Authorizing the Secretary of War to loancertain tQlIlQlIld¢!$kI’\k\l|*\llO(:®§8ll.Gl‘llB Veterans’ Reunion, to beheld at Macon, Georgia, rn Hay, nineteen hundred and twelve. February 9, 1912 628

 of Columbia,   Inuit Resolution Baking an apgpprnatmn to supgly a deiicioncy

in rbeappropnatron lorsrgaportofthoworkhonrseoftho tstnctofColnm ialortheiiacal ear nineteen hundred an twelve. liebruary 10, 1912 ... .. .. 629 Fart Jason Rutrmtion Col. Joint Resolution Granting the tem use of certain lands in the Presidio of San francisco and_ Fort Mason (California) Mili rvatious to the Panama- Paciiic International Exposition Com y. Febniary 16, 19 .. .629 Appmppioeton Senate. Joint Resolution mm; appropriations to meet certain rmtingent ex. pensen of the Senate, March 12 1912 ,,..,,..,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 630 Prohibited ezportr. {omt Resolution 'lzo amend the joint resolution to prohibit the export of coal or other maternal med in war from any seaport ot the United States. March 14, 1912-; 630 Fort Barbold Reservation, allounenuz Joint Resolution To authorize allotments to Indians ggzne Fort Benhold Indian Reservation, North Dakota, of lands valuable for coal. April 3, , f"""" '' ‘,"' '‘‘ "Z"‘°""°'Z"""""""""""""""""""°""" N1agumRw¢r1m¢crr. J t-Reaoluti Etend th tionofth A regulation ogthevfgirizof N River, fi:gthe of Niiagsrh an•:§?r·ulot·1::i· purpmg. pn , . ,,,,.., . ...,..,,,,,, , ,... - $31 Hiuiuippi Rwerfoodr. Joint Resolution T end A t titled "An A ‘ ‘ °`'`` "` hundred and ifty thounnd dollars puggoss ogumaintaining a(i:d.;¥o!2ctrn§ C $g1e:;:1¤§wawd·ehe.::pl:il?;1%mutEi?f¤..m..?lf..iY?’;i??gtw?.‘i?il.thu. "· ""‘°"’°" ‘““" ,,1 ongruaiana to ana&. Joint luti nA th ° ‘ gb Lib (Bong]NH-N--fuurnujlhn a copy of thqduly and bound Congrea;ionaluRe•'c;?rlrll8to the Under secretary oftgtate for gmmdm-.··.A-hm-·-·9l·CmMa•·•. ioracopy of the Parlram" entary Hannrd. April 10, 632 mu} 4·aa¤»»y,Hnma¢¤ou¤¤¤‘ ¤»uJ·L}{·`1>o¤»m ```'``'``` séiwam `'`` Z".i"`£'1z.,.., `'``'` ° '°'’‘°°`‘ =‘=" Secretary of War to receive for instr·uctiou,:{the United gltttes _ _ West Point Messrs. Humberto Mencia and Juan Dawson, of Salvador. April 19 1912 y 632 ""‘°“%°:‘.".¥.".z.£22‘.;“rf..·‘.~°“"°...,,.’ -$`.f"i"&.§’¤°‘*f:.a J°"" 5T?‘“"‘1‘ ‘“"’"··‘·* “*° a m · Hanuel Agtleru y J unqué, of Cuba. April 19, 1912 ... . . 632