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146 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912; 1¤¤>¤¤·¤•¤¤¤· Mrscnnmnmous, Fans Punuo Lmnsnr, mcummo Taxon Pam: muucn: For purchase of books, seven thousand five hundred dollars; For binding, by contract or otherwise, rncluding necessary personal services, three thousa.nd five hundred dollars; _ _ For fuel, lighting, fitting up buildings, including lunch-room eqrupi ment, purchase or exchange, and mamtenance of motor cycle; an other contingent expenses, aight thousand dollars; In all, nineteen thousand ollars. CONTINGENT AND OUS EXPENSES. °""“"”"*“l’“"°‘ For con ent expenses of the overnment of the District-of Columbia, gggiely: For Ssrinting, chegks, books, law booksdsbooks of reference, and periodic , stationery; detection of fran on the revenue; surveying instruments and implements; drawing materials; binding, rebindmg, repairing, and afeservatron of records; rnamtaimng and keeping in good order the la ratory and apparatus m the office of the inspector of asphalt and cement; damages; l1ve1y, purchase, and care of horses and carriages or buggies not otherwise provided for; horseshoeing; ice; repairs to poun aud vehicles; use of bregcles by inspectors in the engineer department not to exceed_e1g t hundred dollars; and other general necessary expensesof District omces, including the d office, Board o Charities, excise board, personal-tax board bor master, health department, surv er’s office, superintendent of weights, measures, and markets egcs-, and department of msurance, and purchase of new apparatus and laboratory eq ment in omce of inspector of asphalt an cement, thirty-six dollars; and the commissioners shall_so applpg- §T°,,$,;,_,,, 0,, ,,,, tion this sum as to prevent a deiciency therein: Provided, t M kms. ew- horses and vehicles appropriated for in this Act shallnot be by the commissioners for any other purpose than to v1s1t such pornts within the District of Co umbia as it may be necessary to yisnt in order to enable them to ins act or inform themselves concerning any public work or property belonging to the said District or to do any M other act necessary to tne administration of its affairs. a.5T$}s%`L.°T'£ No part of the money appropriated lg this Act, except appropria- ‘ tions or the militia, shall be used for e purchase, livery, or maintenance of horses, or for the purchase, maintenance, or repair of buggies or carriages and harness, except as provided for in the appropnation_fqr contingent and miscellaneous expenses or unless the apprpipnatron from which the same is proposed to be paid shall spec` cally authorize such aeiurchase, livery, maintenance, and repair, Fi I m_ and except also as herein ter authorized. m,,{§d_"'°"°°° P No part of the money appropriated by this Act shall be used for the payment of premiums or other cost of fire insurance. "°‘“¤’~ d g or postage for strictly officral mail matter, eleven thousand o ars. ¤..$°$ii°°°"" F"': Q _ For necessary expenses, including ervices of collectors or bailiffs, m the collectionof overdue personal taxes by distraint and sale and mdmn mmm otherwise, and for other neceuary items, four thousand dollars. For judicial expenses, including procurement of chains of title, the printing of briefs rn the of Appeals of the District of Colum·· 18., witness fees and expert services in District cases before the Uma"- emma Supreme Court of said District, four thousand dollars. or purchase and maintenance, hire or livery, of means of transportation for the coronefs office and the morgue, jm·ors’ fees, witness fees, removal of deceased persons, making autopsies, ice, disinfectants, telephone service, and other necessary supplies for the morgue, and the necessary expensesof holding inquests, including stenograpluc services in taking testimony, and photographing