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SlXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912. 147 unidentified bodies, four thousand dollars: Provided, That hereafter *’*‘°*"•°*- the coroner shall not summon or hold a.ny jury of inquest over the I°q“°m“mR°d` body of any deceased person where it is known that the deceased came_to his death by suicide, accident, mischance, or natural causes: Prmgaded, That m cases where it is not known that the deceased came B“‘°*'*°’· to death by suicide the coroner may, in his discretion, summon suc jury. For general advertising, authorized and required by law, and for §§;'§,',§§°""· tax and school notices and notices of changer in regu1ations,·four ' thousand seven hundred dollars. For advertising notice_of taxes in arrears July first, nineteen hun- 'f.§}‘°;§“,,";,_‘“’~ dred and twelve, as required to be given by Act of March nineteenth, ' ` eighteen hundred and ninety, two thousand five hundred dollars, to be reimbursed by a charge of fifty cents for each lot or piece of propertiy advertised. or the enforcement of the game and heh laws of the District of ,,§;Q‘g§,;§,‘},“'“ ""’ Columbia, to be expended under the direction of the commissioners, ` twIo_ hundred dollarshl f th A M or carrying out e provisions 0 e ct a roved March first “°§‘°"*“¥ “*°" eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, entitled "AnIK)ct to authorize the °ui'¤1if¤6.i>-mfg-ma` Commissioners of the District of Columbia to remove dangerous or unsafe buildings and parts thereof, and for other urposes, ’ to ay the members of the board of survey provided for therein, other than the inspector of buildings, at a compensation of not to exceed ten dollam or each survey, and to Say thecost of making safe or removing such buildings upon the refus or neglect of the owners so to do, two thousand dollars. - For the erection of suitable tablets to mark historical places in the H‘°‘°"°•‘ “"‘°“· District of Columbia, to be expended under the direction of the Joint Committee on the Library, five hundred dollars, and the unexpended balances of the appropriations made for this grupose b the Acts of $§’,}f‘§,_°‘;,,*f§°f’&, June twent ~seventh, nineteen hundred an six, and subse nent $5- r>r>§8?%,:“>5: District of (lolumbia a propriation Acts, are continued available for °' 'pp‘ ` the service of the frscalp year nineteen hundred and thirteen. For the office of the register of wills: For furnishing to the office of w@§§,,‘f"""· °‘°· the assessor copies of wills, petitions, and all necessary papers wherein title to real estate is involved, nine hundred dollars. For the purchase of enamel metal or leather identification number "°"‘°‘°”“*"· tags for horse-drawn vehicles used for business purposes and motor vehicles in the District of Columbia, one thousand two hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ n The appropriation of ten thousand dollars appropriated for the j.,%$§“""‘ '° l"` Hscal year nineteen hundred and ten for repair of buildings owned V°'·°°·P·’”‘~ and used by the District of Columbia when rnjured bly iire is hereby reapprocpriated and continued available for the fisca year nineteen hum re and thirteen. _ d nb For making surveys to obtain accurate data with reference to old d,$'§,'§',,§’,Y,{"‘ °‘ suleflgisions rn the District of Columbia, two thousand five hundred do a . For maintenance and repairs to the District of Columbia markets, """k°"°°°"" three thousand five hundred dollars. I m _ The Commissioners of the District of Columbia are hereby author- ,.q"E,f§,l,§'Z,‘,§’E? Stef Si ized and empowered hereafter, when in their discretion it shall be ‘°"°d· deemed to the advantage of the public service, to exchange typewriters, adding machines, pianos, machinery, and other equépment, m part or full payment for new articles of similar or improv character, credit for the value of said personal roperty so exchanged to be allowed on vouchers in payment for sucli new articles as may be purchased, the balance remaining due after said credit to be par out of the appropriation to which said purchase is properly chargeable.