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154 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sess. II. Ci-r. 182. 1912. and telephone service, repairs of lines and instruments, purchase of poles, tools, insulators, rackets, Erm, hardware, cross arms, ice, record books, stationery, prmtuniborery, horses and harness, wash- . ing blacksmithing, forage, extra , new boxes, rent of storeroom, and other necessary items, thirteen thousand five hundred dollars. ,,,,§‘,$,,’,",§,_""' °"` For placing wires of fire-alum, telegraph, and telephone service undergroundin existing con ts, including cost_of cables, terminal boxes, and (pleats, connections to and between existing . conduits, manholes handh es, posts for fire—alarm and police boxes, extra lab:3 andnqtlaler necessary items, seven thousand ollars, to be immedia e. · ,,’,°:'“°"‘°`°' ”* For of system, including purchase of new boxes, purchase and erection of the necessary poles, cross arms, msulaters, pms, braces, wire cabltei; cond1&1t;1wur;'1;‘ecuom, extra labor, and thernecessanivitams three thousand o . _ Hkvén 0 Lxmrrmo: or thd purchase, installation, and maintenance of public lamps, lamp-posts, street designations, lanterns, and fixtures ' of all kinds on streets, avenues, roads, align, and public sgalgn, and for all necessary expenses m connection erewith, mclu rental """"'“‘ of stables and storerooms, this sum to expended m accordance with the provisions of section seven of this Act and other laws applictagle and extra labor, three hundred and eighty-six usand . "'°"""‘°°“‘ For the gurchase and installation of ten iire·alarm boxes, and for the purchase and erection of the necessary poIes,_cross arms, insulabtears, p1jis,ubG1;.aces, wire, _;=able,tcon¢tll¤,n)t ons, posts, extra r an o necmsary 1 ems wo us . ¤%‘a?»“€."€»Lt“°” °re£ _ um purchasing and meaning reassess leadcoveredlca es to aidcrsase tihge capaqrty 0; thetq1nderg1·3u1ndl cable system teco es own wnsecion our thousand oars. M°°°' '°m°‘ Foliilthe puillciase and maintenance ofione motor vehicle for the use of the electrical department, with extra tires and equipment, one thousand five hundred dollars. ,,",f"‘”*‘°" ""‘°‘ WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT. "° . "“"“‘““°° F o ration, includ1ng' salaries of all necessary em oyees mainteneiilceyrind repair of the Washil}-iliton Aqueduct and gis accessories, including Conduit Road, the Mc an lfark Reservoir, the Washington Aqueduct tunnel, and also including the maintenance of one motor truck, horses, vehicles, and harness, and the care and mainte- <>··-·····=· M ¤·-·- ”°ii°°`¥ tf°i°°bl°’rih`i°§'§°lr$°ii£°°S°`§d Z1°i1°?'n. can ·t R ad ,,_· or nmngsuaci n rovmnoe uio, pm mm from Foxall Road to Great Falls,}fifteen thousand _ · e,§""‘“°“ ""“‘· Forcare, includingsalaricsofahnecessaiyem loyees, maintenance, and operation of the Washington Aqueduct, Bistrict of Columbia, filtration plant, and the plant for the preliminary treatment of the water supply, authorized water meters on Federa.1 services, and for ascii; an every purpose connected therewith, ninety-one thousand o ais. E‘“°’¥°"”"'°""· For_emergex;¢g·fund, to used only case of a serious break requmng 1mm te repair m one of the unportant aqueduct or filtration pIant_ structures, such as a. dam, conduit, tunnel, bridge, building, onunportant piece of machinery; all expenditures from tihisulggipmpnatnon to be reported in detail to Congress, five thousand _ _ o . _ _ ,,§,f§f,}}_"·"‘ ‘ °"‘ For continuation of parking grounds around McMillan Park Reservoir, formerly known as Washington Citv Reservoir two thousand dollars. ’