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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C1-1. 182. 1912. 155 For continuing the lining of such rtions of the unlined sections L*¤*¤8 *°¤¤°*¤· of the tunnels of the Washington Xgueduct as may be necessary to lprevent the drsmtegration and fall of rock, ten thousand dollars. or completrngmthe purchase, installation, and maintenance of }]•'¤' *¤•°°¤ Water mételjs, to placed on the water services of the Marine Bar- wblilgmgligushnegiiig. racks, S0ld1Bl‘8' Home, Howard University, Freedman’s Hospital, °'°‘ Walter Reed Hogprtal, and Zoological Park, and for each and eve pu§pose connect therewith, said meters to be purchased, installeldj an marntamed by and remain under the observation of the officer in charge; of the Washington Aqueduct, four thousand eight hundred and ty dollars. For remodeling the Georgetown Reservoir, Washington Aqueduct, v,}§,°°’¥°*°"“ Rm'- to complete the works for the preliminary treatment of the water R餤¤d¤11¤s.¤¤c- supply, and for each and every purpose connected therewith, fifty- 8\g[`}t:it1ll)h1r§eiudfdEH&F· U `ted S Arm tho Th"' " e o ngmeers, ni tates , is au rized and °' ° °" “f directed to transfer to the jurisdiction of the gommissioners of the ghsmm comm-M District of Columbia as a public highway the strip of land fifty feet in width, designated as lots fifteen and eighteen, s uar·e twenty-five hundred and twenty-seven, and extending from Wyoming Avenue to Kalorama Road, said lots having been purchased in connection with the construction of the Washington Aqueduct tunnel: Provided, That when said highwlpiy is improved the air shaft now located thereon shall be turned at a s cient epth below the street level and brought up into a vault, to be constructed under the sidewalk. GREAT FALLS WATER POWER. P.?;?.:i.?‘“' °‘ "‘° The Secretary of War is authorized and directed, through the rd-$l¤°°g»i°ii•°e`Zr Kr`; Corps of Engineers of the United States Army, to investigate and pm re ort to Congress at the beginning of its next session on the questions ofp the present water suppl in the District of Columbia and the sufficiency of its source at the Great Falls of the Potomac River to supply the present and future needs of the United States and of the Mwwmommdc District of Columbia for water; also the availability of the water \i8ht,¢tc. ower at said Great Falls or vicinity on the Potomac River, or Between Great Falls and the District o Columbia, for the purpose of supplying light and Bpswer for uses of the United States and of the government of the trict of Columbia, and to prepare completelans, maps, specifications, and estimates for the pro uction, distrihution, and utrlization of the maximum electrical power that can be economically created and employed for such uses, including street mmm lighting in the District of Co umbia; said plans, maps, and specifcations shall be sufficient in detail to form the basis of a contract or contracts for the execution of the work and the map, supplemented if necessary by a report, shall indicate all of the lands that are required to be taken or flowed and the water and water rights that are required _,,,p,,,,,,,_,,,_,,, ,0, to be taken for the purpose of the executron of the project. For ¢¤r>¢¤~¤~- expenses of this investgation and report, including all necessary expert and other erson services, there is·appr·opriated the sum of twenty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Rook crucrzrr PARK. “°°“°‘°°‘ ""‘ For care and improvement of Rock Creek Park, and of the Piney Cm’ m` Branch Parkway, exclusive of building for su 1erintendent’s residence, to be expende under the direction of the lroard of control of said park m the_manner now provided lay law for other expenditures of the District of Columbia, twenty- ve thousand dollars.