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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912. 157 Teachers in class one, sixt -eix in all, at a mimm` hundred dollars each; y um salary of ive d ipecial begmmng teacher in the normal school, eight hundred 0 US? . ln all for teachers, one million three hundred and iif — - sand six hundred dollars. ty four thou No class m_ an? year of any of the high schools shall consist of less m'“"‘““‘“"“· than ten pupils or a period not longer than fifteen days. Lrnnarrrarvs AND ouznxs: Twenty-three librarians and clerks, to e1.I}ii’.,”"‘°' "° be assigned as follows: d Librarian in class four, one at a minimum salary of eight hundred ollm; Librarians and clerks in class three, twelve in all, at a minimum sale.? of six hundred and fifty dollars each; , u Li rarrans and clerks in class two, Eve in all, at a minimum salary of six hundred dollars each; Librarians and clerks in class one, five in all, at a minimum salary of five hundred dollars each; d lin all for librarians and clerks, fourteen thousand one hundred 0 ars. t_ Lorzoavrrr rxr: Longvgsity pay for dirpetor olgnrtermediate instmacg I"’“’°'"’ ""'· ion, supe riner , supervisor o man tramm' ° g, rinci of the normal, lngph, and manual training schools, princrpizlls ofllzhe grade manual trarning schools, heads of departments, director and assistant director of primary instruction, directors and assistant directors of drawrngimphysical culture, music, domestic science, domestic art, and ergartens, teachers, clerks, librarians and clerks, and librarians to be paid in strict conformi with the pro- V L m visions of the Act entitled "An Act to fix and regiihite the salaries ° “’°‘ of teachers school officers, and other employees of the board of education of the District of Oolumbia," approved Jime twentieth, nineteen hundred and six, as amended by the Acts approved May twenty- {gl; §§· gj sixth, nineteen hundred and eight, and May} eighteenth, nineteen ' hundred and ten, three hundred and nineteen thousand three hundred and sixtg-five dollars, together with the unexpended balance of Um°,b_1_m seventy- ve thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight dollars and v°,p.¤et' six cents of the ap(p:p(priation made for "longevrty pay" for the fiscal year nineteen hun and eleven. _ _ mm an Annowancm ro PBINCIZPALSZ Allowance to principals of grade school Asamlimi psy. buildings for services rendered as such, in addition to their grade salary, to be paid in strict conforrmty wrth the provisions of the Act vm M, m entitled "An Act to fix and regulate the salaries of teachers school °' ' oflicers, and other employees of the board of education of the l)istrict of Columbia/’ approved June twentieth, nineteen hundred and six, thirty-thr·ee thousand dollars. _ _ _ _ F Provided, That in assi g salaries to teachers no discrrmmatron No ser iliscrimiua. shall be made between mgiiliind female teachers emplgyled rn the same “°°* grade and performing a like class of duties; and rt sh not be lawful to pay, or authorize or require to be paid, from any of the salaries of teachers herein provided, any ortion or lpercentage thereof for the pupmse of adding to salaries of higher or ower grades. _ ,m,_‘_,ct,0m as W rovidedfurther, That no teacher, of the whole_number aipproprrated cmu. eee. for herein, shall be employed as, or required to discharge the duties of, a clerk or librarian. _ _ N, ht ,c,,,,,,,,_ _ Nrorrr scuooasz For teachers and janitors of night schools, mclud— sails-set mg teachers of industrial, commercial, and tr e instruction, and teachers and janitors of night schools may also be teachers and Jmmtors of day schools, seventeen thousand ve hundred dollars. Equ,Pm,,,_ _ For_ contingent and other necessary expenses of mght_ schools, including equipment and the purchase of all necessary articles and