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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 182. 1912. 163 To aid in the sup rt of the National Bm·eau of Criminal Identifi- °"'¤*¤*“d°¤°*°¤•

          • 0**; be Qxggiiggd _\1¤d61‘ the direction of the Qommjssiomm of “°" ’“’°°“·

the District of lumbra, pgovrded the several departments of the » General Government may _ entitled to like infomation from time totrrne as rs accorded pohce departments of various municipalities privileged to membership therem, two hundred dollars. Q%drsc1rr.r.aN1;coUs:_For fuel, four thoulsand dollars; Mi- _or re airs an rrn rovements to 'ce stations and unds, to ****1**-** be immediately avarlalble five thousaliill five hundred do]?-age; For miscellaneous and contingent expenses, including the pur- m°°°“•°°°“° °*· chase of new wagons, rewards_ for fugitives, modern revolvers, mm mamtenance of card system, stationery, city directories, periodicals, tele§;r‘ghing, telephonrng, photographs, printing, bmding, gas, ice was , rneals for prisoners, furnrtrne and repaus thereto, beds and bed clothing, msrgma of office, purchase of horses, horse and vehicle for superintendent, bicycles, motor cycles, police equipments and repairs to the same, hamess, forage, repaus to vehicles, van, and patrol wagons, motor patrol, and saddles, mormted equipments, and _ expenses mcurred 111 the prevention and detection of crime, and other 1>¤•¤¤¤¤¤¢ ¤¤¤•· necessary expenses, thirty-four thousand doHars; of which amount a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars may be expended by the major and superintendent of police for the prevention and detection of crime, under his certificate, approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, and every such certificate shall be deemed a sufficient voucher for the sum therein expressed to have been exnded: Provided, That the War Department may in its discretion, equip £$l'¤1S. h the District Commissioners, for the use of the police, upon "‘°"‘· rerirrisition, such worn mounted eg-Ligment as may be required; or flags and halyards, one hun dollars· Fim- In all, orty-three thousand six hundred dollars. _ _ Hovsn or Dnrnrrrxorzz To enable the Commissioners of the Dis- H°"·’°°'**°‘°“°*°“· trict of Columbia to provide transportation, includingstllre purchase and maintenance of necessary horses, wagons, and ess, and a suitable lace for the reception, transportation, and detention of children under seventeen gears of age and, in the discretion of the commissioners, of girls an women over seventeen years of age, arrested ‘ by the pohce on charge of offense against any law rn force in the District of Columbia, or held as witnesses, or held pending final investigation or examination, or otherwise, including salaries of two clerks, at nine hundred dollars each; four drivers, at six hundred dollars eaclr hostler, five hundred and forty dollars; six guards, at six hundred {lollars each; and threieénatrons, ag, six hufnlrged doliars ealrih; miscelaneous ex uses, inc u rent, o , , , orscs oeing,rce laundry, mlzaeals, horses, vilrlggom and rligsness angepairs to same, and other necessary expenses, three thousand four hundred and forty dollars; thirteen thousand five hundred and eighty dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Hannon rarnor.: Two en eers, at one thousand dollars each; “"°°""°'°L watchman, Eve hundred anrflfbrty dollars; two deck hands at five hundred and forty dollars each; rn all, three thousand srx hundred and twergiy dollars; ' For fu construction, maintenance, repairs, and incrdentals, two thousand dollars; In all, five thousand six hundred and twenty dollars. FIRE DEPARTMENT. hre aspmnenr Qhief engineer, three thousand five hundred dollars; deputy chief mn"` engineer, two thousand five hundred dollars; three battahon chief enirneers, at two thousand dollars each; fire marshal, two thousand dollars; deputy fire marshal, one thousand four hundred dollars; two