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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. H. Ch. 182. 1912. 165 clerk, one thousand four hundred dollars; five clerks, two of whom may act as sanitary and food inspectors, at one thousand two hundred dollars each· three clerks, at one thousand dollars each; clerk, seven hundred and twenty dollars; chief sanitary inspector, one thousand erglht hundred dollars; chief food inspector, one thousand six hundred dollars; fourteen samtary and food mspectors, at one thousand two hundred dollars each;_ two mslpegitors, at one thousand dollars each; two mspectors, at mne hun _ dollars each; sanitary and food rnspector, who shall be a vetermary su eon and act as mspector of live stock and dairy farms, one thousaiild two hundred dollars; four mspectors of dairies and dairy farms, at least two of whom shall be veterinary surgeons, at one thousand dollars each; two inspectors of dairies and dairy farms, at least one of whom shall be a veterinary surgeon, at one thousand dollars each; ive sanitary and food inspectors, to assist in the enforcement of the milk and pure-food laws and the regulations relating thereto, at nine hundred dollars each; sanitargl and food inspector, who shall also ins t dairy products and sh be a practical chemist, one thousandp? ht hundred dollars; messenger and janitor, six hundred dollars ; skilldd laborer six hundred dollars; driver, six hundred dollars; pound master, one thousand two hundred dollars; laborers, at not exceeding fifty dollars per month each, two thousand dollars; in all, sixty-two thousand six hundred and twenty dollars. For the enforcement of the provisions of an Act to prevent the ,,,‘f,’,f,§§;“* "'°"’ spread of contaious diseases in the District of Columbia, approved W- 2% r>·¤¤» L arch third, eig teen hundred and ninety-seven, and an Act or the W1- M v- W- prevention of scarlet fever diphtheria, .measles, whooping cough, chicken pox, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, and typhoid fever in the District of Columbia, approved Fe mary nint , nineteen hundred and seven, and an Act to ggovide for registration of all cases ,,2`,§,‘},ff°"1°"‘ '°""' of tuberculosis in the District of lumbia, for free examination of von. ¤¤,r-1¤¤- sputum in sus ]p)e;:ted cases, and foifpreventing the spread of tuberculosis in said trict, approved ay thirteenth, nmeteen hundred and eight, under the direction of the health officer of sard_Distrrct, and for the preventim of other communicable diseases, urcludmg salaries or compensation for personal services not exceeding ten "°"·P·°"’· thousand dollars when ordered m writing by the commissioners and necessary for the enforcement and execution of said Acts, purchase “°”"""‘°”"°°‘ and maintenance of necessary horses, wagons, and harness, rent_of stables, purchase of reference books and medical journals, and mamtenance of uarantine station and smallpox hospital, twenty-three hmm thousand dollars: Prornklai, That any bacterrologrstemgloye under mcaaerogrsr 5.. this-appro riation shall not be paid more than six dollars per day §${"‘“°" °' ‘“ *· and may be b the health officer to the bacterrologrcal examination of milk ant? of other dairy products and of the water supplies of dairy farms, whether such exammatrons be or be not directly related to contaggaus diseases. _ _ _ _ mm For maintenance of t service, mcludrng salaries or ,,,,_ °°“”‘ ""' compensation for dpersonal services w en ordered in wntmg_ by the commissioners an necessary for the maintenance of said service, and for purchase and maintenance of necessary horses, wagons, and har- · ness, and rent of stable, six thousand dollars. _ Dmmdmm For the enforcement of the provisions of an Act to Lfrovrde for the,p.r2:». drainage of lots in the District of Columbia, approved ay runeteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, and an Act to {provide or the abate- .§§§°“‘°°° °' “"*` ment of lmisances in the District of Columbia y the Commissioners V¤r 34. r>·114- of said District, and for other purposes, approved April fourteenth, nmetun hundred and six, one thousand dollars. mx, Mmmmu For special services in connection with the detection_ of the adulteratrgnuof drugs and of foods, including candy and milk, one hundred dollars.