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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 182. 1912. 167 one thousand dollars; bailiE, seven hundred dollars; janitor, five hurlrrlrerd aérduéosrty dollars; in all, eleven thousand seven hundred an o o . Miscellaneous: For compensation of jlprors, one` thousand dollars; '“'°°“"‘°"“* For rent, two hundred and forty dollars; ‘ . h°For furéniture, dfgxtures, and equrgrapnts, and repairs to the court- ,use an groun , nm ars; ' For fuel, ice, gas, and laundry work, static , printiphg, law boolrs, books of re erence, periodicals, t writer and repairs ereto bmdrng and rebmdinggspreservation opifecords, mops, brooms, and buckets, removal of es and refuse, telephone service, traveling expenses, and other incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, one thousand dollars; ‘ In all, two thousand five hundred and forty dollars. Poucn oomrr: For two judges, at three thousand six hundred §§,"“;g,L’_°'“" zlloillars eiergr; cilerk, twodthuolrgand dollars;1 two depui clerks, athone usan ve un o ; tw , t t - sand two hundred dollars each; de utythnzghlig clgrrk, 0:l0(l3?1?)\1S;.,Il1d five hundred dollars; seven baili£, at nine hundred dollars each; deputy marshal, one thousand dollars; janitor, six hrmdred dollarsengineer nine hundred dollars· assistant engineer, seven hundred and twenty dollars; fireman, four hundred and e%hty dollars; two assistant janitors, at three hundred dollars eac ; matron, six hundred gllars; three charinerr, sg tlprhrgrlhundred dlczljlarlgeach; in - twenty-e1gh` t thousand t rm an t . · Miscellaneous: For printing, law books books oz reference, direc- m'°°u"'°°'“‘

 statigneryhbrndrng  p g

,typewr1rsanrea1rs- , 8,1(2glB,‘06 gid, power, telephone service laundry work, removal of ashes and rubbish, mops, brooms, buckets, dusters, sponges, painters’ and ’E}"’&°'§’ ‘“""ii“’ “°”3°h$.'i}$’2 m°$'fl1`°°2£°°° ‘“‘d ' t tes an , an o er necessary an merdeliital exienses zlsevergfkind not otherwise provided for, two thousand two undred and ti dollars; For witness fees, three thousand dollars; _ _ _ Fear furniturie {lor the police court and reparring and replacing same, t dred ars; wgorurlireals of) jurors and of bailifs in attendance upon them when ordered by the court, twenty-five dollars; For compensation of jurors, seven thousand dollars; d grepaus to the pol1ce—court buildmg, seven hundred and fifty Oln all, thirteen thousand two hundred and twenty-five dollars. 'mmmw wm Mumcrru. comrr: For- five judges at two thousand five hundred sem. dollars each; clerk, one thousand five dollars; three assistant clerks, at one thousand dollars each; damtor, srx hundred dollars; m all seventeen thousand six hundred ollars; · . ger rent of building, one theupand ’1iv§°l;ukr;drf>d dm books f """·"°· or trnfent expe' , in udmg' , aw , o referemznfue , light, tel?:;liione,cblmks, deckets, and all other necessagmiscellaneous items and supplies, seven hundred and fifty dollars· · d mall; grugnhe municipal court, mneteen thousanderght hundred an . . Wnrrs or um : T defra the expenses attending the execgrtion ‘·°”*°{""" of de inqtininendg and cemrp•i:;lments therieutrgdgré m all vous nm cases o mdrgent rmane ns mmit or so committed to the Governmenlméo iris for the Insandl% order of the ergecqtrye arfihority of the tgistrrct leaf Columligia under rzrovriuons o existing w, yment a no exgeelding one thousandggdars pglyinum, twd) thhlusand eight hundred o ars. 87618°T-vox. 37-rr 1——13