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SIXTYrSECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 182. 1912. 169 the expense of ·meals and lodgings for jurors in· United States cases and of ailiifs in attendance upon the same when ordered by the court, twenty-seven thousand dollars. Mrscnrmarmous mxrsnsnsz For payment of such miscellaneous ’“'°°““‘°°"'· expenses as may be authorized by the Attorney General for the supreme court o the `District of Co umbia and its officers, including the furnishing and collecting of evidence where the United States is or may be a party in interest including_ also such expenses as may be authorized by the Attorney General for the court of appeals, District of Columbia, fifteen thousand dollars. cmnrrms AND corrrmcrrous. ..ra°‘:J.““ ‘“" °°" Boarw or Crurrrrms: Secretary, three thousand five hrmdred dol- sQr‘°:':•i,i¢ii)€r°d°°' lars; clerk, one thousand two hundred dollars; sten her one · thousand two hundred dollars; messenger, six h dollars; inspector, one thousand two hundred dollars; three élrnzpectors, at one thousand dollars each; two ipgpectors, at nine him dollars each; two rrlrsggectors, at erght hund and forty dollars each;. driver, seven hund and eighty dollars; three drivers, .at seven hundred and twenty dollars each· hostler, five hundred and forty dollars; travellllg extpenses, four hundred dollars; in all, eighteen thousand and srxty ollars. m:ro1un·r·oru1rs rum comuwnorur. uwrrrurrorws. ‘°*°"‘“‘°"“·°“· _ Wasmxcrox Asrum am: Jan.: Superintendent, one thousand r¤:Z°¤li.i°5ii°° A"` elgllzgrundred dollars; visiting phlysidan, one thousand two hundred “'·’*°'· do ; resident physician, four undred and eightly dollars; clerk, eight hundred and forty dollars; engigaer, nine undred dollars; three assistant engineers, at four hun and eightgxgollars each; two assistant engineers at hospital for seven and one- months, at

 dollars per- month each; night watchman, four hundred and

eng ty dollars; blacksmith and woodworker, five hundred dollars; driver for dead wagon, three hundred and sixt1y—five dollars; one hostler and driver, and one driver for supply an laundry wagon at two hrmdred and fort dollars each; hospital cook, six hundred dollars; amistant wok, tires hundred dollars; two assistant cooks, at one hundred and eighty dollars each· trained nurse, who shall act as superintendent of rrurs , e¥ht hundred and fortgazlpllars ; two aduate nurses, at four huuriire and twenty-five do each ; lfragniate nurse for receiving ward, four hundred and twenty-five dollars; two g nurses for annex wards, at four hundred and eighty dollars eachsix orderlies, and two orderlies for annex wards, at three hundred dollars each; pu il nurses, not less than twenty-one in number (nurses .to be paid, not to exceed one hundred and twenty dollars per annum duririg first year of service, and not to exceed one hundred and ifty do are per annum during second year of service), three thousand dollarsihr§istered pharmacist, who shall act as hospital clerk, seven hun and twenty dollars; gardener, five hundred and forty dollars; seamstress and housekeeper, at three hundred dollars each; laundryman, six hundred dollars; assistant laundryman three hundred and srxty·’rive dollars; six laundresses, at three hundred

 srxty dollars each; two chambermaids, three waiters, and six ward

maids, at one hundred and eighty dollars each; temporary labor, not to exceed one thousand two hundred dollars; in all, twenty-seven thousand one hundred and thirty-five dollars. » _ For provisions, fuel, forage, harrreu and vehicles and repairs to °°"“""““""" same gas, ice, shoes, clothing, drylgoods, tailoring, drugs and medical supplres furniture and beddmgh 'tcheir utensils, and other necessary items, thrrty-five thousand dollars;