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170 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. Ch. 182. 1912. For re airs to buildings, lumbing painf lumber hardw re, cement, lime, oil, tools carlri, tracks: steauinlieating ahd cooliling u N apparatus, one thousand five hundred dollars;

{"‘ or alterations and  of the buildings known as the "old

almshouse building" the "almshouse annex" to provide additliolrial accommodation for hospital patients and nurses, two thousand o ars. ‘ For hos ital inclu ° bedsteads, mattresses, ard mm cu. M and bedsidg tables and chans, onedltxhiusand dollars. W unfiiii; muenqgsmi The Commissioners of the District of Columbia are hereby directed ""‘°“*"“ "°"""· to repotritfto :1 the beginning of its Opetit session gsmticé the costan eam1"t 0 aptmg' one re t ' upon the site of the Washmgton Asilirgoand J ailfrgeéglation niiingi R in hm} beiéed thirteen, far use for municipal ospital purposes. ram, to estitute women and children. or ayment to the °`°"`°` °°“° · eI”"i""{ *“t°°?‘ZSL’i °hi$° `ZZ"%° $‘°° " ““’i°‘* meanorm ersnco umra aanonor t t:ifprovide for the support and maintenance by any persgnlriii e or his or her minor children m destitute or necessntous circumstances/’ approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred and six, three thousand dollars, or_so much thereof as may be necessary, to be dmbnrsed by the disbursing officer of the District of Columbia on

 vouchers duly audited and approved by the auditor of said

is nc ; .g2’°'°°°"°"" Support of For expenses for maintenance of {eil prisgzririrsilpgl tnctf of Srogsum slaairlt ttlge Washington Asynrhm and , uding pay o an o er page - um of ices, and for support ofgplrisoners therein, forty-two &usand dolllirnrsg ,d.,,{""’°"" _ Transggrtation of prisoners: For conveying prisoners to the Washmgton ylum and Jail, including salary of driver, not to exceed seven hundred and twenty dollars and the purchase and maintenance summmd t to of necessary_horses, wa§ons, and harness, two thousand dollars. ,,,,.,.. NJN m The srgfnntendent o the Washmgton As lum and Jail appointed ••v*¤¤<=··¤¤- liz {gre _ mnérssrongsb of the Igistrrct of t(}>lumbia, tig and he is re y , au , an te dgms pg thyis theriegiore tproraoutnhcgd igil hereaftdrllgube prorihluneedni: e c 0 um ia y courts thereof inallca ital cases. Inall,underW n lum dJil, h died dthir- _____ ,_____, __, ee. acme ¤a‘f.E$ ¤£$’tn¤,iTm Soni}? ““ °" um Hou: ron um Aczn nm lurmuz Superintendent, one thousand two hundred dollars; clerk, mue hundre dollars; one matron and one chief cook, at sur hundred dollars each; one baker, and one laundlpymdarrghaéz filve hundred and forty dollars each; chief engineer, 3‘0'f»‘Zm`§“0¤., pt'§,¤$T1%n°if’¤fZr°“t.rm` ?.Ii°0lL`铧l.?°4.F*¤?r“d,S.,.,"'€“I.’§ egggneerhv four hundretdtsggaeighty dollar; each; swig male attehd- A ,an wonurses,a un an t h· female attendante, threejiremen, and one asnsiszant) cixrcilktmsigt ,tlir‘;: hundred dollars each; assistant cook, one hundred and hty dollarsons ?la;€ks§x1{.1l;” and vllooélbrrvgkter, anldupi? farmer, ate§ve hundred an 0 y 0 eac ; , da1rym` an tailor, at three_hundred and sixiirmdollars eaiili? one seanrstrlelsig 3:: lréxlsvtgi-tsandt driver, at two humhed and fortlyugollars each; three , a one hundred and forty-four do each; temporary L;1l3>;:;;;ytl:?vr:ssalr;;l1 ailgllsrs; rn a.ll, fifteen thousand one hundred °°“"“"'“°"°"’”° g For proviiions, c{uel,_ forage;] harnmsland vehicles and repairs to g3‘,§‘§t§°%uZm9€S¤;¤ ..§’£i"r’§‘.i1di..g E1L°‘if.;£“£"‘*’.¤§’ df? ‘“" ‘“°‘”°“‘ items, twenty-seven thousand dollars; u us ’ an other necessary