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174 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sue. H. Ch. 182. 1912. blacksmith and wh t, four hundred and ° dollars; one stableman, and one , at three hundredaillrlzrs each- one ' cook, and one laundress, at two hundred and forty dollars each; rn all seven thousand and eiihty dollars; '°"°“"‘ lior maintenance, inclu inipurchsse and care of horses, wagons, ang harnms, seven (thousand ve hundred dollars;iml _· _ to or furniture an manual-tr·aanm§' uipmemt, uding piano · goat not more than two hundred &, four hundred and fifty ollars; · . · Farr and improvemrmts to buildings and grounds, one thonsan do ; · _ g·,_°d»¤_. In all, for Industrial Home School for Colored Children, sixteen r¤¤¤¤=¤.•¤. thousand and thirty dollars: Provided, That all moneys received at said school as income from sale of products and from tpzyment board, of instruction, or otherwise, shall be paid over to Commissionersof theDktrictofColumbratobeexpendedby the1nin the support of the school during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and ,,..;,3""f“"‘ “" Irmusrruu. Hou Sonoor.: Superintendent, one thousand Eve ¤•¤·¤¤. hundred dollars; matron, four hrmdred and eighty dollars; three matrons, one housekeeper-, and one sewing teacher, at three hrmdred - and dollars each; two assistant matrons, and one nurse, at three hun dollars each; manual-training teacher, six hundred dollars; ilorist, ¥ht hundred and forty dollars; engineer, seven hundred and twenty ollars; farmer, five undred an forgélollars; one cook, and one larmdress, at two hundred and forty do each; two housemaids, at one hrmdréndliégrd eighty dollars each; temporary labor, not . to exceed four hun dollars; in all, eight thousand six hundred . , and twenty dollars; ` “"°""'· For maintenance, and care of horse, wagon, and ha;_ness, sixteen ghousand d ; b d ds th or airsan im rovementsto urldmgs’ ' an groun ,one ousand serggn hundred d)ollars. In all for the Industrfa1 Home School, twenty-six thousand three hundred, and twen? dollars; ,,%,{,.°F For the care an maintenance of children under a contract to be made with the National Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Women and Children by the Board of Charities, not to exceed nine thousand nine hundred dollars. '°"°'"""'° °""" For the care and maintenance of children under a contract to be · made with_the Washington Home for Foundlings by the Board of wm mr mm Charities, six thousand ollars. mum For the care and maintenance of children under a contract to be made with Saint A.un’s Infant Asylum by the Board of Charities, six thousand dollars. Txvonryhnns TEIYORABY HOMES. ¤¤¤¤r••l bhht . . ‘ . Mw- Mumcr al lo house and wood and stone ard nam : Su intendeng onedgiggrsmd two hundred dollars;ycooh, thrgleyhunng and sixty dollars; foreman, three hundred and sixty dollars; night watchman for six montlm, at twenty-five dollars per month, one hundred and fifty dollars• maintenance, one thousand dggtlhundred and genty dollars; m all, three thousand eight hun and ninety Gund Army Bl- . . . an neu T _Qome for ex-Umon Soldiers and Sailors, Gran Army of c, namegz Superintendent one thousand two lllundred dollars; jamtor, three undred and stxtydollarspcook, threehundred and su? dollars; maintenance, four thousand dollars; in all, five thousan mne hundred and twenty dollan, to be ded under the · direction of the Commimioners of the District of