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PUBLIC ACIS AND RESOLUTIONS. xxv Pun. ,Sm•2h•oni¤n Institution, Joint Resolution To appoint George Gray a member of the Board of Regents of the Smi nian Innutnqion. February 7, 1913 .. 1025 Tenn, etc., Mystic Shrine, Dallas, Ta. _ Joint Resolution Aut.horizin¥ the Secretary of War,to loan certain tents for use at the meetmgbtzi the Imwaflouncil o the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine to held at Texan, in May, nineteen lumdred and uliftgéill. March 2, 1913 ... .t . i . ... . , . rk .. 1 025 ' o o 1¢mb\4,· sufrage pond;. om ution to ping c an preven inte erence wi{h the mirage proceninn. liamh 2, 1913 .. . . ... 1 025 Coeur d’Alen¢ Indian Reservation settlers. Joint Resolution Providing for exhendingfrovisionn of the Act authorizing extension of payments to homesteaders on the Coeur d lene Indian rlleeervation, Idaho. March 3, 1913 .. . . 1025 Commiuion on European rural credit:. oint Resolution Providing for an American comminion for the inveotigauon of rural credits in Europe. March 4, 1913 . 1026