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B" SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sma. I. Ch. 3. 1911; °¤¤¤••¤¤•· Grindstones of sandstone, not mounted, finished or not, five cents per one hundred pounds. _

  • ¤“*!·• *°¤•··°°· Freestone, granite, sandstone, hmmtone, and all other monumental

or building stone, except marble breccia, and onyx, immanufactured 0:1 not dressed, hewn or polished, twelve and one-half per centum ad v orem. ‘ Roo slates iiftzéive cunts one hundred uare feet. Vitriiiiifl locks not Pcgnamented or sdecorated in any manner, ansipaving blochs of stone, seventeen and one-half per centum ad valorem. . °¤*¤¤<>* *¤•¤· tgxide of iron, as a color, twenty-two and one·half per cmtum ad v rem. - . ¤·••••- Asbestos further manufactured than gound: Manufactures of asbestos, or articles of which asbestos is e component material of chief value, including woven fabrics wholly or in chief value of asbestos, twenty-two and one-half pier centum ad valorem. P¤¤¤¤¢i¤*y Printing ink, seventeen and one· alf per centum ad valorem. casey. Cutl , plated or not: Pocketknives, penknives, scissors and sheusfzfives and forks for household uiooses, and table steels, twenm-seven and one-half per centum adp v rem. mu., ee. Be and gouge, brass comers and rules for printers, twenty-eevm and one·half per centum ad valorem. P¤¤¤¤¤¢¤¤¤¤= Basins, udnals, and other plumbing fixtures for bathrooms and lavatories; bathtube, sinks,,and laundry tubs, of earthenware, stone, cement, or clay, or of other material, thirty-two and one-half pc ` centum ad valorem. ¤·¤¤*¤·¤¤¤¤¤ lgrass baud instruments, twenty-two and one»half pu- centum ad v rem. ¤¤¤¤¤¤·*•*·=¤••··¤‘- ’ Clocks watches, time recorders, clock and watch keys, clock cases, uio cloclr movements, twenty-seven and one-half per centum ad v orem. TIN ¤•·¤* Printers’ wooden cases and cabinets for holding type, twenty-seven and one-half per centum ad valorem. _ were sem. Wood flour twenty-two and one-half per centum ad valorem. ousescm. Canoes and small boats of wood, not power boats, twenty-two and one-half per centum ad valorem. resume Feathers, crude, not dressed, colored or otherwise manufactured, twelve and_ one-holf per centum ad valorem. tgurricn annum. _ Antisegtnc surgical dressings, such as absorbent cotton, cotton· wool, ° ‘ hnt,_lam ’s woo , tow, jute, gaozes, and oakum, prepared for use as surgical dressings, plain or medicated; surgical truses, ries, and snéspzlnsory ban ages of all kinds, seventeen and}°§§1Z centum a v orem. mu awe Plste glass, not beveled in sheets or es exceeding' seven uare feet each, and not exceeding twentydilxnsquare feet each, tvznty- five per centum ad valorem. _ New v¢M¤¤=•- Motor vehicles, other than for railways and tramways, and automobiles, and dparts thereof, not including rubber tires, thirty per centum ad v orem. c wm pulp amen- Iron or steel hjgesters for the manufacture of wood pulp, twenty· " seven and one- per centum ad velorem. L••¤¤¤rx¢¤¤i- Musical instrument cases, fancy cases or boxes, portfolios, satchels, retxcules, cases, purses, pocketbooks, ily books for artihcial flies; all the foregoing composed wholly or in chief value of leather, thirty per centum ad valorem. _ <>•=¤=¢¤*— Cement, Portland, and hydraulic or water lime in barrels, bags, or casks, the weight of the pas-zmaige to be included in the weight for duty, mmma eleven ceizts per ripe hun pounds.l d f an d .'I&·ees: pp e, c erry peach, pear, um, an uince, o kin s, _ andhsmall peach trees lmown as Jumi) buds, twoqand onehalf cents eac . -